Cardi B

23 Mar 19

Cardi B is still focused on making money moves. Besides being known for her sex appeal and care-free attitude, the 26-year-old is also known for turning “okay’ to “Okurr.” Since “Okurr” has become synonymous with the Bronx spitter, she is looking to cash in on it. The “Please Me” rapper has filed to trademark her […]

23 Mar 19
Open Eye Perspective

The movie named “Hustlers” will also star Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu and KeKe Palmer Hip Hop star, Cardi B seems to be making “money moves” all over Hollywood. The rapper who was born in the Bronx, is set to debut in Jennifer Lopez’s feature movie “Hustlers”, which is about a group of former strippers who […]

23 Mar 19
Indie Vision Music

The Sleeping Giant documentary is equal parts joy and sadness. You feel uplifted by the band’s message and testimony but a bit of sadness overwhelms when the realization sets in that this is the band’s swan song. It’s a great piece of work and a fitting reminder of the power of heavy music on the […]

23 Mar 19
P.M. News

Cardi B lays legal claim to her signature phrase “Okurrr.” The rapper has officially filed an application to trademark the word/sound via her company Washpoppin, Inc. The trademark would mostly cover merchandise, which separate filings made for paper goods (like paper cups and posters) and clothing, rolling stone reports.

23 Mar 19
Archy Worldys

JonathanMannion / Nickelodeon The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2019 are finally here, and you know what that means … It's Mud! DJ Khaled hosts the annual ceremony, which begins today at 20.00. ET / PT from the Galen Center in Los Angeles. What else can be expected from the main event, we have confirmed Ariana […]

23 Mar 19
Hollywood Latest News

Cardi B Makes EPIC FIRST Appearance Since Giving Birth on 2018 VMA Carpet, Hollywood Celebrities 2017.

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Cardi B Makes EPIC FIRST Appearance Since Giving Birth on 2018 VMA Carpet

New Hollywood Celebrities Coming Out Youtube Celebrity News 2017 and HollywoodToon Studios is an American animation studio which creates direct-to-video and occasional theatrical a

23 Mar 19
Women in Vinyl

An all vinyl radio show, yes please! Today meet Debra Warren co-host of Black Circle Radio. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of Black Circle Radio Debra and Mitch are pretty active in the vinyl community from attending Making Vinyl to their presence on social media. When Debra isn’t spinning records on the […]

23 Mar 19
Countz Lifestyle

Cardi filed the lawsuit against Latasha and Starmarie Ebony Jones. She’s pissed about videos posted accusing Cardi of doing Molly, cocaine and engaging in prostitution.

23 Mar 19

Why podcasts equal profit.

23 Mar 19
Footwear News

This is how you make jeans and a casual jacket work for the club.

23 Mar 19
Social News XYZ

Los Angeles, March 23 (IANS) Rapper Cardi B is suing bloggers for claiming she is a “prostitute with herpes”. Cardi filed the lawsuit against Latasha K, who has a blog called unWinewithTashaK. She’s angry about 23 videos Tasha’s posted over the last 14 months. According to the suit, Tasha posted a video last April saying […]