21 Apr 19
Oh Goody! An Adventure

From Melbourne we headed up to Brisbane. The driver of our cab from the airport was obviously very proud of the city as he regaled us with how much activity is happening there, including that the city had the most construction cranes in the world during 2018. Well, there were still a lot in the […]

21 Apr 19
jerseydeanne & friends Spent three nights in the Daintree Rainforest of Australia. Got lucky enough to see this handsome Cassowary and his two chicks in the wild!

21 Apr 19

Summer Snows

 KNB217 Digital Creatures Assessment 1 Blog Aaron Cranfield n10278320 Sketchfab Links Manticore Aaron Cranfield n10278320 "Manticore" by Aaron Cranfield on Sketchfab Cassowary Aaron Cranfield n10278320 Aus Animal "Cassowary" by Aaron Cranfield on Sketchfab Australian Animal “Cassowary” I chose the Cassowary because it seemed somewhat out of the normal – not a kangaroo or a koala, […]

20 Apr 19
Digital Creatures

Cassowary by Michael Mason on Sketchfab Direct link to sketchfab page if embed does not work:

20 Apr 19

salutations acquaintances and kin… I am already falling into PASD. For those of you know don’t know, post australia stress disorder affects more than 8 million people a year. Characterised by looking back at pictures obsessively, crying in public places for no reason other than thinking about friends, and sadly cheering ozzy ozzy ozzy oi […]

19 Apr 19
Dad Lover Family

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