Cheesecake Factory

24 Jan 19

~ 10 of the most common culprits ~ It seems to me that January is the hottest month in terms of jumping on the fitness and weight loss bandwagon. Everyone has made their resolutions and are going gang busters…that is for the first few weeks anyway! Have you already fizzled out? Discouraged at not seeing […]

23 Jan 19
Brother Smith's Travelling Word Circus

By now you know how this begins. I slept in, I finished the book I’ve been working on (Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – a Spanish masterpiece), I milled around and didn’t get moving until around 10:30. At which point I set a course to what TripAdvisor names as the #1 coffee […]

23 Jan 19
Krystal Goethe-Journalist

One of the many things I love to do is to eat. Whether it is home cooked or store bought, I love a good meal. Years ago, I was introduced to The Cheesecake Factory and I grew to absolutely love it. I was infatuated with the ambiance and overall feel of the restaurant. I can […]

23 Jan 19
lamplight stories

I’ve always loved having people over to my house. Some of my favorite early memories are from when my mom hosted holiday parties. I LOVED when the house was full of special food and lots of people. I remember following her around as she set out dishes of meatballs and tiny cheesecakes, hoping folks would […]

23 Jan 19
The Well-Appointed Desk

Frank Underwater’s post about the Philly Pen Show is excellent, complete with videos of the pen mixer. Hoe includes quick snippets of Dandon’s hands drawing, Paul Erano talking, Ralph’s completely ink-stained hands and more. Quite a thorough review and a different perspective from our dear Jesi’s post last week. The Letter Writers Alliance once again […]

22 Jan 19
Power Money Sex

ORLAND PARK, IL — Orland Park said a 19- to 20-year-old man was shot and killed and a bystander suffered a graze wound Monday in a shooting at the Orland Square Mall. During a press conference Monday night, police said the teen was shot at around 6:45 p.m. near the center food court area. Orland […]