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22 Jul 19
Soap opera alum loved sharp clothes and the New York Yankees. is sad to report that veteran soap opera actor Robert A. Milli, best known for his role as Guiding Light’s Adam Thorpe, passed away on July 18 in New Jersey at the age of 86 following a battle with cancer. Born March 15, 1933, Robert Milli was pre-deceased by his wife, Mary Jane, in 2015, and is survived by his children, Brian and Liza, their spouses, Lisa and Marshall, and four grandsons; Nick, Harry, Robbie, and Andrew. According to his obituary, Milli was born and raised in Brooklyn and Baltimore, and it was in Maryland that he met and married Mary Jane Mulligan following his service in the Navy, which he had joined at age 17. Milli was said to have ‘enjoyed every day of his life’, and loved ‘great food, sharp clothes, the New York Yankees, and yelling at the TV whenever the Giants were playing’. He was also a golf enthusiast and was skilled at building and restoring World War II model planes and Lionel trains. More: Soap alum Denise Nickerson passed away Throughout his Broadway and acting career, which began in 1962 playing Robert Wells in The Seducers, Milli worked with movie stars such as Richard Burton (as Horatio in Hamlet), Helen Hayes and Jessica Tandy. He got his start in daytime television playing Dr. Jim Abbott on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing in 1967, then moved to One Life to Live as Dr. Jim Craig the following year. In 1970, he appeared as Wayne Addison on both Somerset and Another World, before joining Guiding Light as Adam Thorpe, father of Roger Thorpe (Michael Zaslow), where he stayed from 1974 – 1981, and later popped up to reprise the role numerous times in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. His last soap opera role was that of Lars Bogard on All My Children, who he played from 1981 – 1982. Milli continued to act into the 1990’s with guest-starring spots on TV series and mini-series such as Spenser: For Hire, I’ll Take Manhattan, and Law & Order. extends condolences to the family and friends of Robert A. Milli. Remember other soap opera actors lost in 2019 in our gallery below…
20 Jul 19
Archy news nety

An actress who appeared in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" was reportedly killed on July 10, the TMZ reported. According to the report, Denise Nickerson, who played violet in 1971, suffered a stroke in 2018. According to her family, Nickerson went "home to medicine on July 9 and took as many as possible" while […]

17 Jul 19
The Music Zamboni

What happens when one of your guitarists is passed out on smack, the other has quit due in part to smack, and you’re auditioning replacements while on coke? You get The Rolling Stones’ Black And Blue!

14 Jul 19
News Directory

I am Carianne M. Leahy, representative, and Judith A. Kortabani, estate, with Andrew J. Shufelt III, and Trisha L. Shufelt, 124 Mill Street, $ 210,000. Carol A. Sarage to Kyle C. Devlin, 198 Beekman Drive, $ 145,000. Charles A. Calabrese with Neena T. Qasba, St. Anvil 205, $ 527,900. Christen M. Kelley, Christen M. Roberts […]

13 Jul 19

  The first time ever I saw your face. The first image of ‘spooky action at a distance’ has been released.     From BBC News : ‘Scientists have captured the first ever image of a phenomenon which Albert Einstein once described as “spooky action at a distance”. The photo shows a strong form of […]

12 Jul 19
Boing Boing

“Well, I’m a gum chewer, normally. But when I heard about these ticket things of Wonka’s, I laid off the gum and switched to candy bars, instead. Now, of course, I’m right back on gum. I chew it all day, except at mealtimes when I stick it behind my ear.” – Violet Beauregarde Denise Nickerson, […]

12 Jul 19
Fantasy Death Pool

Our hectic month went into overdrive, as we experienced the busiest two day period in pool history on Tuesday and Wednesday. H. Ross Perot was already written up when Larry Sanders Show great Rip Torn joined him on the 9th – I’ve written pretty extensively about Torn over in my other endeavor, the ongoing Set of […]