Emile Ratelband

20 Nov 18
Shadow To Light

Spirit of the age….. Lying about your age on dating websites is usually considered a bit of a faux pas. Now a 69-year-old Dutchman wants the courts to make him officially 20 years younger, likening the change to identifying as transgender. Emile Ratelband has launched a legal bid to change his age by 20 years […]

19 Nov 18
Dr. Gail Gabbert

We are often defined in terms of a magic number. We often ask children their ages. Dating sites are based upon ages. Age is often published immediately after a name in a newspaper obituary and in coverage of criminal charges. You can legally change your name. You can change your gender. But you can’t change […]

18 Nov 18

It feels so good to be back with another episode! I want to say a special thank you to the people who are sending me weird news stories to cover on the show and others who have reached out with kind words of support. It truly means a lot to me that you not only […]

17 Nov 18
Lady Garden

By now you are probably unfortunately aware of Emile Ratelband, the Dutchman locked in a legal battle to change his age from 69 to 49. Apparently he keeps getting ghosted on Tinder, but when (please note: when, not if) he is 49, with ‘the face [he] has, [he] will be in a luxurious position’. When […]

16 Nov 18
Love At First Swipe

A 69-year-old man from the Netherlands who identifies himself as a “45-year-old”, has taken legal action to try and lower his age by 20 years, so he can get dates on Tinder. This is classic case of “catfishing”, yet Mr Emile Ratelband does not believe he is doing anything wrong. A catfish is someone who […]

16 Nov 18
The Denver Post
Due to his Down syndrome, my son spends a lot of time at Children’s Hospital Colorado. When he goes in they slap an ID bracelet on him so he doesn’t get mixed up with other patients. Like all forms of identification its purpose is for others to identify him, not for him to identify himself. So, they put a “m” on the bracelet to denote he is male. Or they used to, that is. The hospital administration has removed the “m” or “f” from those bracelets, so they don’t offend transgender patients (however their private records will still remain accurate). The world of medicine might finally be what starts a common-sense conversation about gender identity. Let me do the usual preamble here. I don’t care what gender you think you are. I don’t care what bathroom you use. I don’t care what you call yourself. I. Do. Not. Care. However, I care greatly about free speech. And what makes the trans-rights movement different from the gay-rights movement is that at its heart the trans movement is about coercing speech. Gay people wanted the right to live their lives, to pursue happiness as they desired without being impeded. They wanted the liberty to have consensual relationships. They wanted the legal right to marry. I support all that. It’s their business, not mine. I don’t care that a person with a penis sees himself as a woman. Again, none of my business. But, generally speaking, that person doesn’t want me to just leave him alone to do his own thing. He wants me to change my speech and call him a woman. But my speech is my darn business. And while the trans movement is about ending discrimination, too, its real goal is getting others to say they see transgender individuals as they want to be seen, not as they accurately are. My son doesn’t see himself as a kid with Downs. He sees himself as a typical boy, which he isn’t since he has three chromosomes compared to my pathetic two. He also identifies himself as a race car, which is totally wicked awesome. He doesn’t go to the doctor, he goes to the mechanic. And the good docs at Children’s kindly play along. But fortunately, the world, not just medical staff, identifies him more accurately than he does himself. A 69-year-old Dutch man, Emile Ratelband, is suing to legally change his age by 20 years. As he said, “You can change your name. You can change your gender. Why not your age?” Because it’s not accurate, Emile, that’s why. And even in a post-modern world of swirling words disconnected from reality, sometimes accuracy counts. In the medical world it’s not how you identify yourself that’s going to save your life. It’s how professionals identify you that matters. A “man” with a vagina who forces the world to call her a man is still going to need to see a gynecologist, and if pregnant she’ll need the O.G.B.Y.N. Different drugs have different effects, some deadly, depending on if they are given to a man versus a woman. A person’s anatomical gender matters. Accuracy counts here. Official forms of identification are made to prove who you are, not who you want to be seen as. That’s why your driver’s license has identifying physical markers like age, height, weight, eye color and gender. It proves you are who you say you are. Therefore, physical accuracy counts. So, I propose a new system for the purpose of accurate anatomical identification. Since “male” or “female” now are being confused between how you self-identify versus how others identify you, I suggest a change on all official records. Do away with “male” or “female,” and replace them with the verifiable “penis” or “vagina.” We’re big boys and girls, we can use these words without giggling. Hospital bracelets, medical records, government documents, driver’s licenses, birth certificates and passports can have the judgement-free checkbox “p” or “v.” For the purpose of identification, “Y” or “X” for the chromosomal difference would work as well. Even after a sex-change procedure, this would still be an identifying marker. Moving from male-female to penis-vagina, or Y-X, lets those of us who prefer accuracy to be accurate without stopping others from calling themselves whatever they want. I remember when the left was about protecting free speech, not coercing it. This change could let them be about it again. Jon Caldara is president of the Independence Institute, a libertarian-conservative think tank in Denver. To send a letter to the editor about this article, submit online or check out our guidelines for how to submit by email or mail.
16 Nov 18
Betty Xiong

(Natural News) A 69-year-old man from The Netherlands has decided that he wants to be 20 years younger than he actually is, and is now suing his country’s government to make that “happen” legally. Emile Ratelband says his doctor recently told him that he has the body of someone who’s 49 rather than 69, which… […]

16 Nov 18
Red Pill Project

(Natural News) A 69-year-old man from The Netherlands has decided that he wants to be 20 years younger than he actually is, and is now suing his country’s government to make that “happen” legally. Emile Ratelband says his doctor recently told him that he has the body of someone who’s 49 rather than 69, which… […]

16 Nov 18

Presenting himself as a "guru of positivity", Emile Ratelband takes care of his media presence and multiplies the blows of brilliance. Peter Dejong / AP With great seriousness, a Dutch judge examined, on November 5th, an unprecedented request: Emile Ratelband, 69, wants to officially register the change in her date of birth to benefit from […]

16 Nov 18
Nachrichten Welt

Nur noch zwei Wochen vor meinem 65. Geburtstag füllt sich mein Tablett mit den Vorteilen des Staates. Ich hatte einen Brief von der Abteilung für Arbeit und Altersvorsorge, in dem ich aufgefordert wurde, meine Forderung von 164,35 £ pro Woche zu beantragen – nennen Sie günstige £ 8.500 pro Jahr. Ein anderer kommt von London […]

16 Nov 18
News Archives Uk

With a fortnight to go until my 65th birthday, my in-tray is filling up nicely with offers of benefits from the state. I've had one letter from the Department of Work and Boarding, inviting me to apply for my entitlement of £ 164.35 a week – call that a handy £ 8,500 a year. Another […]

16 Nov 18
News Exc Celebrity

Article and photos from hienalouca.com

With only a fortnight to go until my 65th birthday, my in-tray is filling up nicely with offers of benefits from the state. I’ve had one letter from the Department for Work and Pensions, inviting me to apply for my entitlement of £164.35 per week — call that a handy £8,500 a year.

Another comes from London Councils, the umbrella group for the capital’s local authorities, saying I can now upgrade my 60+ London Oyster card to a fully fledged Freedom Pass, which will give me free travel on buses all over England.

Had I been born three weeks and three days prematurely, I would also be eligible for a tax-free Winter Fuel Payment, worth up to £200. But for reasons best known to bureaucrats and their political masters, on

16 Nov 18

I wish to propose that with all of this in mind we must make a similar distinction between someone’s age and youth as we do with someone’s sex and gender

15 Nov 18
After The Pulpit

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it just means what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.” Through the Looking […]

15 Nov 18
The Pakistani News Corner

Emile Ratelband, a Dutchman seeking to legally change his age, is appropriating trans activism to try to get there, says Holly Thomas. Ratelband’s insistence on comparing his own situation with the trans movement is not just offensive. It highlights the inadequacies of his argument, she writes. from CNN.com – RSS Channel https://ift.tt/2DFLt8Y

13 Nov 18

We are living in a time of intellectual and moral chaos. The political movement known as leftism or progressivism (not liberalism) is first and foremost a chaotic force. And nowhere is that chaos more evident than in the left’s attempt to end the reality that the human being is created either male or female. That […]