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23 Jul 19
Hali Hockey

Austin, Texas gets mentioned every now and again as the next city to gain entry into the Big Four. Currently, Austin metro is the 30th biggest metropolitan area in the United States. This makes it the biggest metro in the country that doesn’t have a NHL, MLB, NBA or NFL team (excluding Riverside, CA which […]

22 Jul 19
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Texas used to be called “the Wild West”. Now the second largest state in America is known for the statement “Everything is bigger in Texas”. Whether Texas is really that huge? Find out for yourself during this road trip, which we have mapped out for you: Which places should you tap? Here it comes: Houston […]

19 Jul 19
Stubbsy's Tours

Friday 19th July 2019 Los Angeles has its good and bad. Like pretty much all towns and cities around the world. I’ve been here before and it was extreme tourism all the way, taking in the likes of Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, the observatory, the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Santa Monica and Venice, along with […]

19 Jul 19
Hmm Daily
Sobriety is currently having a moment in America, as plenty of folks have decided they no longer need (or want) booze to drive their social life. A recent Forbes article cited a distilled spirits survey where 83 percent of Los Angeles bartenders confirmed that zero- alcohol drinks were a legit trend. 83!  As a person fairly new to recovery, I took some time during the first part of the year to travel the country and explore some of these hot spots. I was skeptical, but I enjoyed them much more than I anticipated. My favorites are listed below.  Yippee Dry Yay – Houston, Texas  Started by former rodeo clown Gil Fench, this country-and-western-themed hangout is perfect those guys or gals who love line-dancing, but hate it when beer gets spilled on their boots. Gil’s project began after a bronco kicked him in the spine in 2010. “That horse saved my life,” he said “I hung up clown clothes, burned my barrel and traded it in for a four year lease for this place.” Gil’s original plan was to build an exotic pet store with a liquor license, but a trip to the doctor revealed he had acute pancreatitis so that dream died. Fench survived, though, and a year later he suckered the owner of Woody and Sons’ Big Tire to sell his locale, just as his new life of teetotaling and a commitment to better health began. Fench says he is in this for the long haul, even if mocktail bars are just a fad: “I actually love the taste of all this fruity stuff and so do my insides–my stool isn’t black anymore!”  Specialty mocktail: The Rusty Spur  GrenadinePear juiceShaved clovesFour dashes of white vinegar Top with a splash of Sprite and a horseshoe-shaped pepperoni garnish. Serve in a frozen mug.  Ocean’s 12 and 12 – Sea Isle City, N.J.  Owner/operator Jimmy McHumfrey was born in Northeast Philly, but he’s spent every summer he can remember down the Jersey Shore with his family. By age 19, he was a bartender at some of the most notorious dives, which didn’t help his burgeoning alcoholism. That lifestyle resulted in multiple DUI arrests, including one while operating a horse and buggy stolen from a wedding ceremony in Cape May. Now ten years sober, McHumfrey has transformed himself and hopes to do the same to the bar scene he once terrorized. Ocean’s 12 and 12 is his booze-free hangout for the shore crowd seeking an alternative to smoky, pukey bars up and down Landis Avenue. He’s even replaced all the barstools with meditation cushions. “Not everybody needs to party like a cretin,” he says, while feeding a couple of nosy seagulls some pomegranate seeds. “I guess I grew up.” McHumfrey says he’s become a fitness maniac—he’s run four triathlons this week alone. “I used to come down here in the ’90s to try to run the Tim Kerr 5k. I’d slam four Yuenglings and never finish.” He plans to open Ocean’s 13th Step in Margate next year.  Specialty Mocktail: The Bloody Cherry  ClamatoOld Bay SeasoningLeftover pomegranate seeds the seagulls wouldn’t eatA splash of Frank’s Black Cherry Wishniak.  Serve over ice, garnish with a crab leg you found on the beach. Zen Vessel – Cuyahoga River  I’m happy to report that a 45-foot casino ferry with a hologram of former Major League catcher Mike Napoli dancing on the hull actually exists. I’m also happy to report that there is not one drop of alcohol onsite. Owners William and Shiloh Wezenka partnered with Napoli during the 2016 season when his folk-hero status was at its peak with the Tribe’s World Series run. Napoli signed his name and likeness over to Wezenka, a prominent business owner in Shaker Heights who made a fortune franchising environmentally safe dry cleaning products, but he misunderstood the business plan: “I thought he was gonna open a big tavern. Ya know, the whole ‘Party At Napoli’s’ thing. But he got all weird.” Despite his confusion and open contempt, Nap stuck to the deal, even though he feels a little hypocritical because he still “gets after it” every now and again. “I’m definitely not a lame-o that’s for sure,” he said. Napoli also added that he thinks the non-alcoholic bar trend is “stupid and pointless.” Plus, he’s afraid of the water. “I’m gonna need like six drinks to step into a hot tub.” There are four massive hot tubs on the ZV, actually, each retrofitted with its own floating tea bar and backgammon boards. When I asked him about the hologram, Napoli screamed for eight seconds then hung up the phone.  Specialty Mocktail: The Velvet Puss:  Italian crabapple nectarSparkling coconut waterCandied peach fuzzChocolate coffee essence Garnish with a dove’s feather.  ZERO DARK FLIRTY – San Diego, California  Zero is the alcohol percentage of the drinks, Dark because it’s dark in here, and Flirty…well… Nestled off I-125 near Chula Vista, Zero Dark Flirty is definitely not the spot for an uptight mocktail crowd. However once you’re able to navigate the darkness and the random strangers groping you, it delivers one of the more eclectic experiences and delicious menus in the country.  ZDF owner Sebastian Von Veensungfloop was a world-renowned rock climber before he snapped an ankle in 2006 trying to scale an aircraft carrier. Being off his feet for a few months allowed him the “conceptual space to create a non-alcoholic escape for adventurous people.” He even ordered special lightbulbs that replicate the lighting conditions inside a cave he explored once in Belize. Staying on brand, he tells me this fact while he strokes my arm and asks if I’d like to take a jet-ski ride later.  Specialty Mocktail: Old Floozy  Fresh-pressed cantaloupe juiceSardine oilLemon zestCompressed airCorn compostThree ounces of eggnog.  Mix cantaloupe juice, sardine oil and lemon zest in a brandy snifter. Throw lemon out the window after zest. Slowly add corn compost as you hold the eggnog in your mouth, then place your mouth over the rim of the glass and aim the compressed air canister at the back of your throat, allowing jets of compressed air to circulate through your oral cavity, carrying the eggnog into the snifter. Serve immediately. A.J. Daulerio is editor of The Small Bow, a weekly newsletter about people’s experiences in drug and alcohol recovery. Sign up here, please. 
18 Jul 19
Lauren and Mark

If you know me, then you know my love of lists. Moving has certainly necessitated numerous to-do lists and color-coded spreadsheets throughout the past couple months. In the spirit of my Type-A, list-lover self, here are a few more lists for your enjoyment. Top 3 Things I will Miss about Houston People. While fairly obvious […]

18 Jul 19
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(Because some people like Blogger and some like WordPress, i am putting the same content at both.  If you would prefer to read this on the other site, it is linked here.)     ***********************************         “There’s no escape!” he said, grinning at her.   She shrieked and dodged, and he leaned […]

16 Jul 19
Noticias Ultimas

Gersson Rosas, en el centro, fue nombrado presidente de las operaciones de baloncesto de los Timberwolves en mayo. Él es el primer latino en ocupar ese puesto en la NBA. (Elizabeth Flores / AP) LAS VEGAS – Gersson Rosas nunca olvidará el "mandato" de su padre. El nuevo presidente de operaciones de baloncesto de los […]

16 Jul 19
24/7 Wall St.

The first fair in the United States, in the sense that we understand the term today, was probably held in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in 1807; it’s still going strong, as the Berkshire County Fair. America’s first state fair was held in Syracuse, New York, in 1841. It and other state and county fairs that followed were […]

15 Jul 19

“There’s no job security in the radio business. But, in 30+ years, I’ve only been let go twice and it turned out to be a positive thing both times.” – Jennifer Tyler

15 Jul 19
Shining Dove

New Orleans was hit with flooding and power outages this past weekend. But many Crescent City residents found reasons to be grateful because a forecast triple whammy – a high tide, storm surge, and river flooding – didn’t overwhelm the levee system. Hurricane Barry was downgraded to a tropical depression Sunday as it crawled slowly […]

13 Jul 19
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Click HERE to download or HERE to join Only the BEST 2 Live Crew & Ship Wrek – We Want Some Pussy (Ango VIP Bootleg) CK Cut Dirty – 126 – 4A 2 Live Crew & Ship Wrek – We Want Some Pussy (Ango VIP Bootleg) Dirty – 126 – 4A 2 Pac ft Dr […]

13 Jul 19

  Visual artist and singer/songwriter Solange Knowles presents an extended director’s cut featuring new scenes and musical arrangements of her interdisciplinary performance art film When I Get Home. The film will premiere across renowned Museums and Contemporary Arts Institutions across USA and Europe from 17 July before closing as part of Chinati Weekend on 13 October […]

12 Jul 19

Like a Rodeo by Kane Brown Love is like a rodeo, rodeo, rodeo, rodeo Love is like a rodeo, rodeo, rodeo, rodeo I picked you up with the cowboy nod At the hotel bar It was less than 8 seconds Girl, you stole my heart We had drinks and smokes Played you songs on guitar […]

12 Jul 19
Calgary Sun

He was once clownin’ around. These days, Kolby Wanchuk is horsin’ around. From rodeo entertainer to saddle bronc star, the Sherwood Park cowpoke has been on both ends of the show — making folks laugh and making folks gasp. An all-around rodeo cowboy, to be sure, and he’s only 22. Some might say he’s gone […]