René Favaloro

19 Jul 19

El google doodle de hoy recuerda a la cantante peruana Lucha Reyes. El Doodle de hoy recuerda el nacimiento de Lucha Reyes, una popular cantante peruana que con su voz supo trascender fronteras y conmover a sus seguidores. Nació el 19 de julio de 1936, en Lima, en el seno de una familia muy pobre, […]

13 Jul 19
Güd wrtr

We were pleased to see a Google doodle tribute today to Dr. René Favaloro, highly regarded for his pioneering work on coronary artery bypass surgery using the great saphenous vein… one of the large veins in the leg. He was born this day in 1923 in Argentina. The technique he developed is what Dick had […]

12 Jul 19
Mane News

René Favaloro is being honored by Google Doodle on what would have been his 96th birthday and is well-known for his contributions as a cardiac surgeon. He is often times referred to as the father of modern heart surgery. Favaloro was born in the eastern coastal city of La Plata and graduated from the School […]

12 Jul 19
Newsy Today

Dr. Favaloro has many honors. But he did not take too much for his achievement, telling anyone who asked that he had just done the work of others before him and had not acted alone. “I don't speak on the form, I, '' Favaloro was interviewed in 1992. “Working in the Cleveland Clinic, we were […]