A Bathing Ape

16 Dec 18
Dazzler's Watch

Join Captain Dan & Jilly of SV Dazzler as the meet Chief Ladu on the Island of Nuapapu in the Kingdom of Tonga.

16 Dec 18
Mya knight

Ch 7. 1. Why is Ralph frustrated with his appearance as the chapter begins?What would he like to be able to do? Ralph was upset at how dirty he and the boys were and how their conditions became normal on the island. He wants to take a bath, get a haircut and get his nails […]

15 Dec 18
Blake's Brands

Bathing Ape managed to transcend from an obscure Japanese streetwear brand into an industry leader in the 2000’s and had the most relevant rappers not only wearing the brand but promoting it in songs and everywhere else. Rappers included Lil’ Wayne, Pharrell, Kanye West and Clipse. BAPE became so popular that it is probably the […]

14 Dec 18
EU Kicks: Sneaker Magazine

In another pairing, this time paying homage to an early 80’s style icon and mainstay in the ‘Buffalo’ creative collective, Japan’s A Bathing Ape drops another capsule collection with Dr.Martens producing the 1490 boot and the ‘Petri’ shoe in black and olive. The two classic models are reworked with embossed Bape camo motifs while the […]

14 Dec 18

The Weeknd continues his fashion takeover with his second Puma collaboration in two years.

13 Dec 18
The Drop

Stemming from the world of skateboarding and hip-hop, streetwear culture has become one of the biggest sub-cultures ever. Brands such as Supreme and A Bathing Ape have spearheaded the culture into everyday life by collaborating with artists and brands from Mike Tyson to Nike and all that falls in between. While it has become very […]

13 Dec 18

INTOWN REPORT for 12/13/18 – 12/19/18 THURSDAY, 12/13 Alex’s – Death Valley Girls, Egrets on Ergot, Girl Tears, + The Vivids Belasco – Amber Liu The Blvd – Human Obliteration, He Died, SMD, Nerve Grind, Splatterface, Poughkeepsie DG, + Impenitent Existence Bootleg – Easy, Palm Springsteen, + Bass Drum of Death Cinema Bar – Vista […]

12 Dec 18
That Thrifty Student

Hidden away amongst plain sight on Manchester’s famous Oxford Road, Hatch takes inspiration from Shoreditch box park as the city’s newest and most-hyped pop-up retail store. Nestled away under Mancunian Way, secluded from the hustle and bustle, Hatch has recently completed phase two of its construction, only the second phase in an idea aiming to bring independent […]

11 Dec 18
RAF Couture

HYPEBEAST Being a hypebeast is very high maintenance. This street style look may look like a 10 dollar outfit but it actually costs about thousands of dollars and it is worn by many celeberities. The street style “hypebeast” look is a modern type of style and it is a style that is usually worn by […]

10 Dec 18
A Narrative Map

Travel Essay: I woke up in our bungalow just before the sunrise, the hazy purple glow beginning to shed light on the vast green leaves of the Colombian mountain jungle.  I looked over at Heather, her eyes were half open.  I looked away and said “Oh, good morning.  You watching me sleep, ya creep?”  She […]

10 Dec 18
أرض الرويات

Chapter 981 – Shock “Not good, the three princes are coming.” Shi Yulei’s expression became solemn as he looked into the distance. “Zhao Feng!” Old Ying called out. Zhao Feng was the strongest person in the Ninth Prince’s team. Right now, he managed to stall more than a dozen Emperors and Quasi-Sacred Lords. Old Ying […]

10 Dec 18
Queen Mary Global Bloggers

London is a vibrant city teeming with opportunities for creativity. I have my own clothing brand, and so upon arrival to London, getting a hold on what London fashion had to offer was paramount to me. This piece is split into 4 sections.One will focus on the  new and exciting brands essential to the character […]

09 Dec 18
The Royal Liar

By Brian L It’s a natural instinct. Peacocks have their luscious tail feathers, lions have their manes, and we have fashion. No one would say that they would hate to look nice. Everyone wants to look cool, to have outfits that express their personality, make them more confident in front of mirrors, and impress others […]

08 Dec 18
Download Shoreline Mafia - OTXmas (2018)

  “OTXmas” track listing: 01. Bathing Ape 02. Occupied 03. Moving Work 04. Pressure 05. Ride Around 06. Homicide (feat. BandGang Lonnie Bands) 07. Pistol Love 08. Molly Water

08 Dec 18
Global Grind

Kid Cudi seems like a new man at the music and fashion celebration.