03 Jun 19
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Marinette and the Secret Gardenby ForeverAReaderAWriter One day Adrien notices Marinette dressed unusually. Curious as a kitty he decides to follow her and find out what she’s up to. Little does he know he’s about to learn the secret language of flowers (2 shot) [Marichat] Words: 2592, Chapters: 1, Status: In-Progress, Language: English Fandoms: Miraculous: […]

20 May 19
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Animalsby ForeverAReaderAWriter Adrien’s life routine is shattered when he saves a girl as Chat Noir one night. Suddenly the gears of fate turn, drawing him and others together as attacks on them and supernaturals start to occur. The hunters are now the hunted. But are Adrien and his friends really that helpless? And what’s this […]