08 Apr 19
Rognliens hifi-blog

I 2017 var det 10 år siden Leema kom på markedet med sin toppmodell, den integrerte forsterkeren Tucana. Senere kom også en Mk.2, og dette er nå altså toppet med jubileumsmodellen Tucana II Anniversary Edition. Rognlien lytter med spenning! På mange måter kan en vel undre på om Leema sikter mot stjernene med sin Tucana, […]

07 Apr 19
Contrado Audio

One pair of Accuphase ALC-10 interconnects with a length of 1,0 metre. They are terminated with XLR connectors. Please check our other items. Free shipping worldwide!

13 Dec 18

Read Here “Anthem’s STR Integrated is a very musical amplifier which is capable of reproducing a wide range of instruments and vocals exceptionally well. Add in Anthem’s Room Correction functionality, and this is a component with vast appeal. Overall it’s an excellent foray into the higher end of audio by Anthem. I have to admit […]

10 Dec 18

The product is 100% perfect condition as new. It was not repaired, it has no scratch, no defect. Condition: 9/10 Age: 2013 Accessories: I have all the original accessories and manuals. It will be delivered in original boxes.

04 Dec 18
Part-Time Audiophile

The Vinyl Revivers bring value to the game, MyTek brings a big apple, Accuphase reminds me of my childhood, and Sonner Audio definitely is the all joining smooth one. The Story The Vinyl Revivers is a passion project created by Russ Katz. Russ is a music lover, whose passion for involved listening runs deep. Delving […]