10 Dec 18

I’ve been interested in the half hexie quilts I’ve seen floating around cyber land. I don’t have a half hexie die or template, but I got an idea. Dangerous, I know. I’m using this layer cake and some off white yardage. I grabbed my nested Accuquilt hexagon dies and made marks with a silver sharpie […]

07 Dec 18

Ta daaa! I’m chuffed to bits with this small quilt! It measures about 48″ square. Want to know why it was so quick? I used Heat N Bond Light for the applique and I didn’t stitch the edges. 😳 I’ve done this before with decent results. My quilting this time wasn’t quite as close though. […]

04 Dec 18
Stash Overflow

I used the Stripology ruler for Clue 1. This time I used the Accuquilt die cutter to cut my triangles for Clue 2. Much more accurate than I can do with a rotary cutter, even using Bonnie’s ruler technique. Each stack of triangles is a set of unique fabrics. In other words, each of the […]

01 Dec 18
Farm House Quilts

Sometimes life gets so busy that blog posts ( and creative business) get pushed to the back burner!

28 Nov 18

…..I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t do this again so soon. But it’s too good to not pass along. This is my Accuquilt Studio Die Cutter. It is my favorite quilting tool. Here is a quick little demonstration of how it works. I’m using this die. I lay scraps on my die, making […]

23 Nov 18

The following photos all have one thing in common…. ….they all show lovely piles of fabrics perfectly cut with my Accuquilt die cutter. It is my favorite quilting tool, right up there with my long arm. I’d say it is a tie. Why am I waxing poetic? Because if you ever thought you might want […]

23 Nov 18

It is done! My first hand quilting finish since my carpal tunnel surgery last July. It is wonderful to be able to hand quilt again! I will say, this was a bit of a challenge to quilt with all of those seams. But there were so many lovely fabrics to keep me entertained. Here is […]

19 Nov 18
Days Filled With Joy

My bags are packed, and I am almost ready to go. But first I wanted to share my amazing new found organizing gadget – the Fabric Strip Case for organizing and storing 2 1/2″ strips of fabric, aka jelly rolls 🙂 Nora came to visit on the weekend because she is doing a class here […]

18 Nov 18
Justgail's Blog

I started writing this October 13, and now it’s November 17!  Apologies if some things don’t make sense time-wise…  I really should just post and not worry so much about  quantity or lots of photos.  I cannot believe it’s mid November already! Sewing has Happened!  And some sewing related ponderings & whinings.

16 Nov 18

My biggest November goal has been met with the completion of this quilt for my grandson, Little L. The pattern (yes, I actually followed one) is Once Upon a Time by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle. I free hand quilted this in a bit of an elongated meander. I love how the back turned out! […]

15 Nov 18

This is one of my most used Accuquilt dies. I use it to make nearly all of my binding. After cutting my strips, I stitch them end to end and press the seam open. This is my pressing setup for binding. As I press it, it falls into the bowl. I love a good bowl […]

06 Nov 18

I finally finished all the blocks for the Mosaic Mystery hosted by Alycia Quilts. And then I promptly dropped them into a project box. No deadline on this one so it is taking a back burner. I got all the bits for Little L’s Maze quilt cut, except for borders. This will be my main […]

05 Nov 18
Sew Loving Life

In this case, “summer camp” was the Vermont Quilt Festival, which I attended in late June, and blogged a bit about here. This post looks more closely at one of the four classes that I took.