15 Feb 19
Lockley’s Blog

California is known as the golden state. It has been a state of ever developing artist and musicians and leader in different forms. It is known for its extremely various geography ranging from mountain ranges to coastal regions to deserts. It is also popular for people who want to chase after their dreams, mostly in […]

15 Feb 19
Adventures with Chicken and Nugget

Aladdin is coming to town!!  Yay!!  Aladdin the Broadway musical is on a national tour for at least the second you in a row.  If your kiddos are fans of the movie, it is a must see. The show was in Seattle last year, and we took a day trip up there just in case […]

15 Feb 19
The Movie Screen Scene

1930s comedies are often based around four themes. They frequently deal with class issues, typically a wealthy person falling for someone who is poorer, or even a servant. Many 1930s comedies are screwball comedies. While they are usually romantic comedies, there is often an odious fiancé or fiancée that needs to be removed before the […]

15 Feb 19
Scifinutjob's thoughts

So there’s been a lot of whining that ‘outside money’ for films is just drying up. Let’s examine that for a bit. I think it started around 2016. I remember seeing news that studios were getting eaten up; ‘new’ sites like Buzzfeed and Vice and Vox had been around for a couple years—and there were […]

14 Feb 19
The Texas Orator

Ethan Masucol discusses the issues of the Sahel and the implications of a minimized role of the U.S. in the region.

15 Feb 19

VIA THE AUDITION CONNECTION: AUDITION SPECS: Casting: Looking for an Older Male, 60+ yrs old to play a recently deceased body that is being examined by a Doctor for TV Series *THE RESIDENT* – Conyers, GA Description: Looking for an older male to play a recently deceased body that is being examined by a Doctor. […]

15 Feb 19
Mohawk Valley Girl

I said, “I have to make my blog post.  Thank goodness it’s Lame Post Friday!”  Still, even a lame post is a post that must be composed, typed in and published.  Well, let’s get on with it.  Full disclosure:  I have no random observations or half-baked philosophy to offer today.  I am going to share […]

15 Feb 19
Extras Alerts

***Non-Union Submissions*** Alex is currently taking submissions for a show with a fitting Tuesday 2/19 and works Thursday 2/21. She is looking for MALES, any ethnicity, who can portray 20s-30s bartender types. This show is set in the 1980s so you must be okay getting a haircut, must be clean-shaven or have facial hair trimmed […]

15 Feb 19
News Exc Celebrity

Article and photos from

JJ Abrams has released an image from the set of Star Wars IX.

The director took to Twitter to share the photo on Friday. John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac could be seen hugging in a location that looked to be the desert planet of Jakku.

Abrams also announced the movie has wrapped filming. The final Skywalker saga was shot in London and Wadi Rum, Jordan, among other locations.

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<img id="i-6b66ceda7bf26506" src="; height="667" width="634" alt="Done: JJ Abrams has released an image from the set of Star Wars IX. The director took to Twitter to share the photo o

15 Feb 19
World Site News

ANI | Updated: Feb 16, 2019 03:40 IST Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 16 (ANI): Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut on Thursday condemned the deadly attack on as many as 40 security personnel in Pulwama and demanded stern action the perpetrators.She said, “Pakistan has not only violated our nation’s security they have also attacked our dignity by openly threatening…