09 Dec 18
RitzMarie Creative Studio

People travel for many different reasons. Personally speaking, I travel to experience light in different destinations. I mean that literally and figuratively speaking. The former has more to do with how the earth moves while the latter is more focused on the brightness that comes from within each being. The interplay between the sun and […]

05 Dec 18

We’ve compared Frontline vs Advantix to help you decide which will work best for your dog.

05 Dec 18

When the weather gets warmer the fleas and ticks come out and they can mean pain, itching and disease for your dog. Protect them with these preventative measures.

27 Nov 18
My Pet Knowledge

Fleas and ticks will drive your pets crazy. Not only will they will scratch until they make sores all over their body, but fleas and ticks also transmit unwanted illnesses. What Are Fleas? Fleas are a small wingless jumping insect that feeds on the blood of mammals and birds. Why Are Fleas Bad? They transmit […]

24 Nov 18
Wanderlust Craddocks

After a year on the road travelling with our two collies we have a fair idea of what it is like. Some countries are dog lovers, others not so much. Travelling with dogs can be rewarding and challenging. Our two love it, its like a massive adventure, somewhere new to see and smell. They love […]

23 Nov 18
Stamps – n - Lingers

Good day-after-Thanksgiving y’all!  Hope everyone enjoyed their day – and that your turkeys and hams and sweet potato casseroles came out perfectly!  Our first-ever-smoked turkey was pretty good – it only took about 3 hours to cook instead of the 5 we found online.  So…had to sort of scramble to keep it warm and not […]

22 Nov 18

There are more than 12 offers on flea products on cats this Black Friday, and many of them have some or other unique and advanced features that you've never heard before. That said, if you choose any casual Black Friday deal on flea products on cats, there are chances to tackle some of the serious […]

15 Nov 18

German pharmaceutical company Bayer, maker of consumer health products such as Aleve and Advantix, is on a two-year mission to bring all media in-house. Bayer began building out its in-house programmatic operations in March 2017, and currently has a 10-person internal team that works in tandem with GroupM agency MediaCom on media buying. But starting […]

05 Nov 18
Humane Society of Richland County

by Lexi Hurst   Protecting your dog from fleas, ticks, and other parasites is a very important, albeit overlooked part of caring for a furry friend. Many pet owners believe their dogs don’t need protection from these pesky bugs. There are several reasons why you should save your dog from itchy bites, painful rashes, and […]

22 Oct 18
Social Media Tips Washington DC

Reese's, K9 Advantix top YouTube's 6-second ad leaderboard …. ads created specifically for the six-second format, which other social media platforms … This content is been publish thanks to iM DC – Best Tips for Business in the Washington DC area To see the original article, click here

16 Oct 18
Viva Espana

I’m not sure the genesis of the American expression ‘Boob Tube’ but my Dad used to call the TV that, mockingly when we were kids. Television in our house growing up, wasn’t something that was on most of the time, unless it was the news. And then it was usually news about the Vietnam war […]

15 Oct 18
Wow, my pet did THAT!

We’ve used Frontline or Advantix to keep fleas off of our dogs for years. But, lately, neither seemed to be keeping away the fleas like they used to. So, we decided to try out alternatives. You may have read, like we did, about Diatomaceous Earth for flea control. Some recommend feeding it — food grade […]