20 Feb 19

In February 1996, the Advanced Photo System (APS) was introduced as a joint project with Kodak, Fuji, Canon, Nikon, and Minolta. The IX240 film cartridges are optimized for fully automatic film loading, enclosing the 24mm wide film completely when not in use. (Camerapedia). Some of the features provided by the Advanced Photo System include: Magnetic […]

17 Feb 19
Pinoy Dog Mom

Fleas and ticks are a perennial problem for dog owners in the Philippines. The concern of pet parents is understandable — each time I step into the vet’s clinic, I would always encounter a dog suffering from ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease. (One case I saw was so bad, with the dog bleeding heavily as a […]

28 Jan 19
Kosmo Foto

Film photographers in the know have long regarded eBay as the biggest expired film shop around. Photographers swapping film for digital, estate sales and camera shops clearing their bargain bins all contribute to a thriving subsection of film past its best-by date but still (hopefully) shootable. Kosmo Foto knows this only too well – many […]

23 Jan 19
Life Hacks

I found some old film in my closet. Kodak Advantix from 2001. Is it worth the effort to try and get it devloped, or should i just dispose of it. Read the best articles here –

19 Jan 19
Hunt Tested

The partnership that exists between the hunter and his or her dog is perhaps the most profound connection that humans have with animals. Unfortunately, our beloved hunting dogs are subjected to harsh conditions and hazards and often sustain injuries in the field. HuntTested interviewed Dr. Kelly Benning, from Village Animal Hospital in Minnetonka Minnesota, and […]

19 Jan 19
The Infographics Show

We live in a fast-paced world, which demands our attention and can easily wear us out. There are many ways to reduce the stress that daily life brings, and one of the best ways is to own a pet. A pet constantly gives love and gratitude, they can provide entertainment, and they’re happy just being […]

13 Jan 19
Centenary Pet Companion

Tick Paralysis can cause a devasting potentially life threatening condition that can not only affect cats and dogs but many of our much loved animals as well caused by a parasite called paralysis ticks. Paralysis ticks are easily identified by their grey body and legs close to their head. The legs are the feature which […]

11 Jan 19
Canadapetcare - Pet Supplies & Pet Health

    With numerous products prevailing in the market for treating fleas and ticks, pet owners are always in a quandary when it comes to grabbing the right product with best offers. Though at times they need to undergo intense research, a budget is never the least regarded. Tight budgets always push pet parents to […]

02 Jan 19
Infantry Archive

Posted By: Dark Matter-X Posted On: Sep 23 2004, 08:52 PM Title: Week 4 Life’s End vs Death Company  Game 1- LE wins MVP- Advantix Score- Unknown ~_~ Game 2- LE wins MVP- Soulja Score- 45-25 breakdown 1st (K=13 D=5) Soulja2nd (K=10 D=4): Dazez-, Un1tMost Deaths (10): Ick~

15 Dec 18
Gypsy of Tanzania

10 Months in… Here’s what I think about my packing list.
So at the bottom of this is my original packing list… Edited for the things I’d leave out. But I’m gonna list out the things that I am most glad that I have, and why…

09 Dec 18
RitzMarie Creative Studio

People travel for many different reasons. Personally speaking, I travel to experience light in different destinations. I mean that literally and figuratively speaking. The former has more to do with how the earth moves while the latter is more focused on the brightness that comes from within each being. The interplay between the sun and […]

05 Dec 18

We’ve compared Frontline vs Advantix to help you decide which will work best for your dog.

05 Dec 18

When the weather gets warmer the fleas and ticks come out and they can mean pain, itching and disease for your dog. Protect them with these preventative measures.

27 Nov 18
My Pet Knowledge

Fleas and ticks will drive your pets crazy. Not only will they will scratch until they make sores all over their body, but fleas and ticks also transmit unwanted illnesses. What Are Fleas? Fleas are a small wingless jumping insect that feeds on the blood of mammals and birds. Why Are Fleas Bad? They transmit […]

24 Nov 18
Wanderlust Craddocks

After a year on the road travelling with our two collies we have a fair idea of what it is like. Some countries are dog lovers, others not so much. Travelling with dogs can be rewarding and challenging. Our two love it, its like a massive adventure, somewhere new to see and smell. They love […]

23 Nov 18
Happy Tails

Good morning Charlotte, Just to give you a follow up on Arlo. He was examined by our veterinarian (Chews Landing vet Hosp) on November 30th. He was found to be in excellent health. We made a copy of the history that you provided us with, which they reviewed and filed. He is on Advantix II […]