Advice For Lawyers

23 Jul 19

Filmmakers (and really all digital video creatives these days) need to get a good, solid understanding of how film, television and now digital media and content creation distribution actually works. Successful filmmakers – and by that I mean filmmakers who successfully recoup their budget and repay investors, are the ones who develop a distribution strategy […]

23 Jul 19

Conferences, trainings, and outreach — I’m just trying to stay professionally relevant This week, I am attending the ASAP 12th Annual National Training Conference in Arlington, Virginia. In March, I took a leap of faith and switched from the world of food and drug law to privacy law in human services research. Sexy, right? The […]

23 Jul 19
Beyond Bounds

Evil, deceptive, and manipulative. Former social worker and political campaign activist. On the FBI’s most wanted list. Convicted of dozens of sex killings in Washington State, Utah, Colorado, and Florida. More than 20 young women beaten, strangled, abducted, bludgeoned, raped, sexually mutilated, and sexually molested. Serial killer. Ted Bundy. The FBI defines a serial killer […]