23 Apr 19

Sustainability has become one of the biggest issues in fashion and beauty. Here’s how 16 brands are spotlighting the issue for Earth Day. Sustainability is arguably the most important issue today in fashion and beauty. More than just a trend or fad, consumers — especially Generation Z and Millennials — now expect sustainability as a […]

22 Apr 19

Sustainability has become one of the biggest issues in fashion and beauty. Here’s how 16 brands are spotlighting the issue for Earth Day.

20 Apr 19
Fixtures Close Up

This Easter Bunny BOGO, Buy Three Get One Free seems more a store promotion than one direct from Lindt. The sign style is something of a giveaway. Still a good promotional idea nonetheless, and I’m sure Lindt heartily approves as a means of upping sales. Good for the customer too. Even with small modern household size, […]

19 Apr 19
Bri's Fashion Blog

Aeropostale in Eastland Mall accomplished the ideal spring window display. The bright colors, exciting patterns, and adorable sandals make this window pop! I admire how they added a height difference with the box under one of the mannequins. So eye-catching! I cannot wait to shop these looks in the sale. I need a new denim […]

19 Apr 19
Sierra's Fashion Blog

1615 E Empire St. Bloomington IL 61701 Spring is BACK and Aero is on the right foot. Their window display was fun and fresh and I needed both of those outfits in my closet STAT! They used the lighting well, the signage was very fun and bright, and they had outfits that made sense with […]

19 Apr 19

I already know what you’re thinking. “Just another girl who likes makeup/fashion/whatever and starts a blog for fun” but that’s not why I started this. I started this blog because I want to share my love and knowledge for all things girly. Whether it be fashion, makeup, skincare, or everyday lifestyle. I want to be […]

19 Apr 19
Sweet Swell Good Old Days

There’s A LOT to unpack here. Those bangs, Mardi Gras beads as jewelry, XL John Cena shirt tied back in a knot, Aeropostale tote bag….the list goes on… Touch here for the full post on Sweet Swell Good Old Days tumblr

18 Apr 19

*This list does not include all brands that use sweatshops; it’s only short list of some bigger, more popular brands involved in this   Below is a list of a few clothing retailers that have been shown to still use sweatshops or other forms of unethical labour. It does not include all brands that employ […]

16 Apr 19
Empathy Rebels

“Have you seen your malls?” John Oliver asked in his 2008 special, Terrifying Times. “They are cathedrals to bullshit.” A joke from a standup special I had recorded to my DVR and watched literally hundreds of times. A joke that kept running through my head as I stood on the first floor of the Garden State Plaza […]

15 Apr 19
Hustler Money Blog

The best way to save money is to purchase discounted gift cards and shop with sales. If you are looking to get some new clothes in preparation of summer, then be sure to check out this promotion. is currently offering you the chance to get a $50 Aeropostale Gift Card For $40! Just be […]