Afri Cola

10 Jun 19

Die meisten internationalen Filme die in China im Kino gezeigt werden sind auf Englisch. Ganz einfach deshalb weil es praktisch unmöglich ist die Stimmen zu synchronisieren. Chinesische Untertitel sind deshalb (zum Glück für mich) das höchste der Gefühle. Weil ich auch immer brav Versuche Untertitel mit zu lesen fiel mir eine Sache auf: Egal ob […]

12 Dec 18

Although there are several things that differentiate Christmas in Germany from Christmas in the US, they both have one key character in common: That big red Coca-cola truck, decked to the gills in blinking lights and snaking across an icy highway to bring diabetes to snowy evening landscapes everywhere. But this year, the Alternative for […]

02 Sep 18
Building Everest

Landschlacht, Switzerland, 24 June to 2 September 2018 The idea for this blog post began, as ideas sometimes do, through a combination of small incidents: An article from a monthly newspaper that I use to teach German speakers English Facebook commentary about unusual place names in the world A Facebook message from a Starbucks friend […]

16 Jul 18

Many parts of Hamburg’s urban landscape can really only be described as “gritty”. That grittiness often comes accompanied by small oases of street art, both the glorious and the mundane. Whole buildings are frequently used as vast canvases, while small scale pieces can be found just about everywhere. The epicentre of the Hamburg’s street art […]

10 Jul 18
Cologne Game Haus

Welcome to the Cologne Game Haus (CGH), the new epicenter of Cologne’s game development scene: On 29th June we finally opened our doors with an official big bang, together with our studios, politicians and many representatives of the game industry.   At the official opening event, our studios amazed the invited guests with presentations of […]

06 May 18
Bravo Posters

An advert for Afri-Cola in Bravo of 3 May 1972. This is the second Afri-Cola ad to run on this site.