03 Jun 19
Still Mindy

Let me tell you a story. I was up late last night, watching television and reading. Typical stuff. It was almost midnight and I decided I had better get to bed, so I headed into the bathroom just off the kitchen. Before I sat down I noticed the seat had been left up (darn boys) […]

27 Apr 19
From The Recamier

Alleluia! Today is the Seventh Day in the Octave of Easter, Easter Saturday. Today is the Third Day of the First Weekend of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Early Voting for the Louisiana Municipal General Election on May 4th concludes today.

22 Apr 19
Women Socks Plaza

TOP STEP Womens No Show Socks are a fun way to accessorize your everyday apparel. With a mix of flat knit and mesh pattern socks, youll always have the perfect sock for any outfit. Our socks are made from the highest quality fabrics designed to wick away moisture providing maximum comfort and breathability. They feature […]

31 Mar 19
Worlds of Aeternum

My largest update to date along with a brief little apology for delayed content.

27 Mar 19

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!   

12 Mar 19
Cromwell Corner

One of the wondrous elements of Kingdom Hearts and something that makes it so charming and magical, is the fusion of Square Enix properties with that of Disney, but since Final Fantasy characters weren’t in Kingdom Hearts III… I wanted to talk about this entry’s batch of Disney worlds. And rather than simply give my […]

08 Mar 19
Too Long for Twitter

There was a time when Kingdom Hearts III was a punchline. Nothing more than vaporware; something that only existed as fan-fictions and fake box arts. It was synonymous with hell freezing over. And right now, the Devil himself is neck deep in snow. Even after it was announced back in 2013, it still didn’t feel […]

07 Mar 19
MarketWire360 Announced that its published an Exclusive Report on “World Portable Oxygen Concentrators Market Research Report 2024 (covering USA, Europe, China, Japan, India, South East Asia and etc)” in its research database with report summary, table of content, research methodologies and data sources; This report studies the Portable Oxygen Concentrators market with many aspects of […]

26 Feb 19
Cromwell Corner

It has finally come, all of my raving, incessant obsessing, and, to some, frivolous fanaticism has finally come to a conclusion. Tuesday January 29th I obtained Kingdom Hearts III, by that Thursday I had beaten it with tears in my eyes, and though I’ve completed the story (then beat it again) and there isn’t much post story […]

13 Feb 19

Unlock Last Edited: February 13, 2019 at 3:30 AM Just like in the real-life Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Lucky Emblems, or Mickey Symbols, are tucked away in the world of Kingdom Hearts III. These collectibles can be found all over, in less-than obvious spots. Collecting them rewards you with items and equipment. Click on the world […]

11 Feb 19
Cromwell Corner

So I’m in the middle of writing my like first run through impressions on Kingdom Hearts III, and spoilers: I really like the game, and have played nothing but that game (and occasionally Pokemon Showdown when I’m not near a PS4) since getting my hands on it. It might, for me, tie with Kingdom Heart II as my favorite […]

10 Feb 19
Gamer Health

After what has seemed like a lifetime of waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here and the Xehanort saga is over. The game once again allows the player to step into the oversized shoes of the main protagonist Sora, a plucky young keyblade wielder and battle through various Disney worlds aided by loyal companions, Donald […]

28 Jan 19
BH Life Travels

A high volume of travellers take the popular choice of applying for their visas upon landing even though Cambodia evisa is available online which is dedicated to the Tourist Visa (30day stay with a once only option to extend a further 30 days). The Tourist Visa is $30US Cash This physical approach is the […]