18 Apr 19
Static Multimedia

YSTRDY’S TMRRW, the urban apparel brand from Tokyo, just released a fresh array of summer-ready gear, pulling hints from the earlier Spring travel inspiration. The new line combines comfortable daily essentials with outerwear that’s sure to spark your inner adventurer. The new collection fuses elements of old and new, designed in a 90’s style aesthetic. […]

14 Apr 19
Nadine’s Blog

They are the first individuals to adopt an innovation. They may even be the creators of the innovations when trends begin on the streets. They make up only a small percentage (2.5%). They are characterized as colorful, contemporary and risk takers. DeeDee Gordon, a marketing consultant to the advertising firm for the Converse and Airwalk […]

12 Apr 19

On my non-gym life, I made myself walked around the neighborhood near my in-laws house with a minimum 1.5 hours of walk. From there, I probably got a approximate 15,000 steps on Day 1, 6,000 steps on Day 2, 17,000 steps on Day 3 and Day 4. But I was also being offered and had […]

10 Apr 19
Sydney's Sports Scene

In short, The Tipping Point is about how ideas can spread and reach a “tipping point” to where they become viral and unstoppable. It explains the phenomenon of how products, ideas or even people go mainstream and become so popular throughout the country. This book was a huge hit to business owners and entrepreneurs, who found […]

09 Apr 19
Our Other Blog: Two Sisters and Two Points of View

Which Way Geeveston

07 Apr 19
Kreutzer Heritage

My parents both worked extremely hard when we were kids. Naturally, mom was right there with dad working hard to bring home some extra cash. While dad kept the construction business running in Michigan my mother worked as a bank teller. Mom would work five days a week, her job was very stressful. It was […]