18 Apr 19
Archie Butterfly

So Ben Currie’s legal representatives walk away from QCAT today feeling pretty good. They’ve managed to get the QRIC Steward’s inquiry adjourned until their client can return from Bali and give evidence in person and under oath; they’ve won a further stay of proceedings allowing Boom Boom Benny to keep training until things are resolved; […]

16 Apr 19
Random Thoughts

Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra It’s appalling, sinister and faintly ludicrous that Pauline Hanson’s right-hand man James Ashby and former Queensland MP Steve Dickson played footsie with the American gun lobby, talking up One Nation’s book, trailing their coats for gun (or any other) gold. That they fell victim to an Al Jazeera “sting”, trusting […]

14 Apr 19

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography Creative Direction & Styling By Elvis Di Fazio. Model is Antonio Lomar from IMG Models. Grooming, Style and Photo assist By Fernando Miranda. “A dream to live, work and prosper in L.A has been an ongoing theme in my life. Growing up in Australia’s suburbia of European and South American descent […]

12 Apr 19

abstract: Social media provides a platform for internet users to speak riotous. Thus, social media platform, on the one hand, partly achieve the free expression right. On the other hand, the unlimited language power direct both reality and virtual world chaos. However, it is hardly to introduce laws to restrain the people speak in social […]

11 Apr 19

MECO6936 Social Media Communication Name: Jingnan Wu SID:480247319 Tutor: Katariina (Friday 5pm-8pm) The development of information network technology and a variety of social media platforms provide people with more convenient communication methods and more free expression opportunities. However, behind such a prosperous scene, there are also many hidden dangers. The wide connectivity and privacy of […]

10 Apr 19

MECO 6936 Social Media Communication Name: Ruxiang Tian (Mia) SID: 490149342 Tutor: Brittany Ferdinands  Wednesday 5PM-8PM With the advancement of technology, people have entered the digital age and many social platforms have appeared, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WeChat. People could actively express their opinions on social media platforms and are free to comment […]