22 Jun 19
Archie Butterfly

Alright, no cheating and no Googling. Does anybody know where McKinlay is? Clue – it’s somewhere in Queensland. Three. Two. One. Anybody? Okay, let me tell you where McKinlay is, and what it is too. Mckinlay is a shit-arse, one-time gold mining boom city turned ghost town, stuck so far out in the middle of […]

20 Jun 19
Listener Graham has called The Ben Fordham Show after reportedly being kicked out of a pub for wearing a hat. The 69-year-old was wearing his Akubra style hat at Umina’s Ocean Beach Hotel when the bar staff refused to serve him unless he took off his hat. He tells Ben Fordham he has never been kicked out of a pub before. “I cannot walk in there with my hat, but I’ve been going into that pub since 1968. “The next in charge said that they’d been given a directive from the local area command that headwear is not to be worn in the pub.” Click PLAY to hear the full interview Craig Laundy is the landlord of the pub and has told Ben Fordham hats can obscure the view of CCTV cameras. “Police sometimes can be as bold to say ‘we want you to have this policy so if we have any dramas, we can actually identify who it is who has been the cause of the drama’.” Click PLAY to hear the full interview
19 Jun 19
The AIM Network

By Grumpy Geezer   The ticking bomb that is the L/NP Now that we’re safe from Labor’s retiree and death tax grab, their planned theft of our hard-earned franking credits, their promotion of gender-fluid lifestyles in our kindergartens, their confiscation of our utes and their freeing of hoards of Muzzy murderers and rapists to roam our […]