Alan Dart

21 Apr 19
The Canon Padawan

It’s hard to believe but we’re already approaching a week since Star Wars Celebration came to an end. After a year off, it was back with a bang this year with 5 days of news and panels. Now unfortunately, I had neither the funds or the time off to fly from the UK to Chicago, […]

20 Apr 19
the m0vie blog

Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s Akira, featuring Graham Day and Marianne Cassidy.

At time of recording, it was ranked 249th on the list of best movies of all time on the Internet Movie Database.

Show notes, including links:

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18 Apr 19
Seatoun School Library Blog

  We were very excited to find out that Seatoun School won the Summer Reading Challenge this year – second year on the trot! 58 of our children contributed to our win by not just reading the books on the SRC list but by going that extra step of placing a review on the Wellington […]

17 Apr 19

Amazing Polly Published on 16 Apr 2019 Zeena Abdura We are all living in a bad B-Horror movie. But it is real. Instead of being surrounded by Zombies, we are surrounded by socialists & communists. Bobby McKinlay ‘Beautiful setting, the room you’re presenting from today… ‘Soothing, cool colors… ‘Dream-Catchers on the wall..??? ‘Framed Artwork… ‘An […]

15 Apr 19
Alan's Annals

There are many differences between driving across the country in the US and driving across the country in South Africa.  Obviously, though the continental US is much larger, South Africa isn’t exactly small (it’s roughly the size of Alaska) so it still takes a while to get around.  The major highways mostly have just one […]

14 Apr 19
Straight from the Motormouth

Just stop for a second, and try and remember the most spectacular car you’ve ever seen in the flesh on the road…right, got something? Well, you may as well forget about it, because even the planet’s rarest supercars can’t really compare to what you see at the highest levels of motorsport, and frankly…it doesn’t come much bigger than […]

14 Apr 19

40th British International Championships 2019 Friday Boys Match – Wales 1 v 3 Scotland Taylor Smoldon (19.60) 0 v 3 Connor Mitchell (23.48) The 40th British International Darts Championships is this year being held at the CISWO Club, Glenrothes and got underway on Friday night with a Boys match between Wales and Scotland. This is […]

12 Apr 19
Josh's Dartistry

Former European Tour winners Steve Beaton and Mervyn King were among ten players to secure places in the Austrian Darts Open and European Darts Grand Prix on Friday, as UK Open champion Nathan Aspinall also sealed a qualification double.

12 Apr 19
Bristol Rovers Former Players Association (BRFPA)

20th March 1946 – 12th April 2019 Today we were saddened to learn of the death, at the age of 73, of former Rovers full back Lindsay Parsons, following a long illness. Born in Bristol, on 20th March 1946, Lindsay signed his first professional contract with Rovers in March 1964, on his 18th birthday.  By […]

12 Apr 19
Movies ala Mark

THE LOVED ONE is a bona fide weird one from 1965, directed by Tony Richardson, scripted by Terry Southern and Christopher Isherwood as a 121-minute mod update and target-expansion of Evelyn Waugh’s 176-page 1948 novella. A scalding black comedy set in Los Angeles, it starts by skewering the movie industry, including the self-exiled British wing, […]

10 Apr 19
Chorlton Good Neighbours

Last Sunday (April 7th 2019) there was a Murder Mystery at the Good Neighbours at our Sunday Tea. Peter Gibson, a professional actor and friend of Good Neighbours organised it. It was based round a party held for the ageing James Bond’s . 3 members of CGN’s drama group played parts. Several members of the […]

10 Apr 19
Weir Quay Sailing Club

Our cadets’ Tall Ships trip got off to a flying start yesterday afternoon as the crew set sail from Brixham under sail. Leader was one of the largest of the Brixham sailing trawlers, known, despite their Ketch rig, as the ‘Big Sloops’. Leader, at 105 feet in length overall (LOA) including bowsprit, and displacing 110 […]

09 Apr 19
Life After Football

Brian Clough Way or the A52 to anyone outside of Nottingham and Derby is the dual carriageway that shows just how closely these two cities are linked. Top flight titles under their belts in the seventies (that seems a long time ago now) and both football mad, whilst still longing for a return to their […]

08 Apr 19

Coming into spring/summer, one of my normal activities annually, is to re-set gear layouts. Someone asked me the other day, “How would you pack a 72 hour pack, versus a week-long or 10-day pack?” As a guy who grew up with a Regimental SOP for the layout of rucksack and load-bearing equipment, even after I […]

08 Apr 19
Anthony Lavisher - Author

It has been far too long since  I interviewed any of my fellow authors on my blog and I thought it was high-time that I started showcasing  some of the talent that is out there at the moment. First up, I can’t think of a better person to start back with, than dark fantasy, science […]

08 Apr 19
The Erudite Gorilla

Batman #339 – “A Sweet Kiss of Poison” – Gerry Conway/Irv Novick/Steve Mitchell This one starts with Batman returning from patrol early in the morning. He almost misses his jump while coming in for a landing at his penthouse and Alfred suggests that his double life—fighting crime as Batman at night and being businessman Bruce […]

08 Apr 19

Other winners: Mike Salinas earns first career Top Fuel win, Hector Arana Jr. gets first Pro Stock Motorcycle win of 2019.