Alannah Hill

23 Jan 19
Cato in Amsterdam

Hello again It has been a while since I published a post on this page. It sometimes gets so overwhelming, trying to keep a website updated and posting on Instagram next to your “normal” life with work and family and the occasional social get together with my girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong: I am not […]

19 Jan 19
Run Lana Run

19th January 2019 On our way down to the National Running Show today, we called into Shipley Country Park near Derby for a little parkrun tourism. With a little warning from the parkrun crew at Shipley Country park, we arrived in good time in case of queuing to pay for parking. There were minimal toilets […]

10 Jan 19

Byron Bay was one of those places my heart and soul instantly fell in love with, little Alannah with wide eyes looking through the window. The place instantly resonated with my aching soul for a beautiful life. Its everything I dreamt of. Beautiful coastline a footstep away, a chill as hell community full of cool […]

08 Jan 19
The Music Bard

Searching for the greatest one hit wonder from the 90’s is my quest. I assembled a 64 song bracket tournament for all of you “music of the 90’s” fans out there! I have decided to spread the top 64 songs into four groups   I have paired the seeds. Now you pick your favorites. The […]

27 Dec 18

“Trace was a proper punk, she had a leather jacket and bleached hair, I met her in the Launderette. She was younger than me, but she knew all the bands, and knew all the bands who had girls in them which is what I was interested in, I wasn’t really interested in the boy bands, because they were just annoying, and by then I was already into feminist politics. I’d been politicised! So Trace introduced me to lots of bands and we used to go to gigs together; Raincoats, Mo-Dettes, Au Pairs, I think we saw Joy Division at Walthamstow School Hall…”