Alberto Makali

25 Mar 19

Photography: Xavier Bergman. Styling: Montse Lavi. Hair & Makeup: Jorge Zunica. Model: Tia Mallia.

15 Mar 19
Skinny VS Curvy

Photography: Xavier Bergman. Styling: Montse Lavi. Hair & Makeup: Jorge Zunica. Model: Tia Mallia. Jewelry TOUS, Top Alberto Makali Jewelry TOUS, Top Nuria Aymerich Jewelry TOUS, Dress Victoria Secret, Boots Noel Westernboots Jewelry TOUS, Top Alberto Makali Jewelry TOUS, Blazer Tissus Rénel Jewelry TOUS, Blazer Alma Italy, Boots Noel Western boots Jewelry TOUS, Vest: Gobelins […]

20 Sep 18

  Today I decided to go shopping for my Posh Closet. I usually hit neighborhood consignment and thrift stores. It’s my guilty pleasure…a treasure hunt. Today, though, I hit the mother lode! Firstly, in the designer section of the local resale shop, I spotted this beautiful paisley print. It turned out to be an Alberto […]

18 Aug 18

[Naye, Githinji Joseph] Ni Rais aliyechukua nafasi kubwa ndani ya mioyo ya wengi nchini Uruguay na pia katika Ulimwenguni. Kando na kuwa Rais maskini zaidi duniani alishangaza wengi kwa kukataa kuishi ikulu na kuishi katika Shamba la mkewe. Hapa ni darubini ya maisha yake Rais mstaafu José Alberto Mujica Cordan wa Uruguay. José Mujica ni […]

27 Jul 18
That '70s Girl 2

What you want, Baby, I got it. What you need, do you know I got it. All I’m askin’ is for a little respect… — Respect, Aretha Franklin What I Wore to Work This Week is focused on R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the workplace.  I’ve been working since I was 15 years old, and respect at 15 is still the […]

28 May 18

This gorgeous silk gown will look spectacular as you take the stage. The lightweight fabric is in multiple panels that will look like you are flying as you walk. There is gorgeous detailed beading on the V-Neck top and animal print. The dress comes with a matching wrap and bonus…. it has padding in the bust! This dress originally cost $950+

Bust 18

waist 14.25

hips 24

length 63

07 May 18

Marcie So Eclectic talks about the sewing projects she and her mom did together when she was growing up, and how encouraging creative thinking empowers daughters.