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23 Apr 19
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Our family spent a week in the Adirondacks in August of 2001.  A week on Flower Lake in McKenzie Cottage with its pine-paneled walls and low ceilings, its brown-and-black striped Herculon couch and green plaid wallpaper, its wooden duck pegboard to hang our jackets. A week enjoying McKenzie’s window boxes abloom with geraniums, pink-and-white-striped petunias, […]

23 Apr 19
Design | Inspo

I know I said I was done with movie analysis’ but I wanted to quickly touch on a film that started quite the buzz.

23 Apr 19

“The seven-story, brick dormitory shaded the parking lot when the sun set.”

22 Apr 19
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What is the thread that connects Debenhams with Foxtons, Saga, Pizza Express and AA? All of these stock market dogs have spent time under private equity control. The big argument for this form of ownership is that manager managers have the freedom to make ruthless decisions and invest without examining public markets. And to meet […]

22 Apr 19
The Cracked Spine

The Red Scrolls of Magic  By Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu Rating: 5/5 stars “You saved yourself. You saved yourself, and then you saved so many people. You couldn’t have saved anyone if you hadn’t saved yourself. I would never have found you” (204).   Note: the first section will be spoiler free and then […]

22 Apr 19

By: Thaddeus Brown  I’m never one to brag, but my mock drafts in recent years have been pretty spot on to say the least. That being said, it’s nearly impossible to predict every outcome. All we can do as writers and analysts is mock, mock, and mock some more. Let’s get in to it.   1.) […]

22 Apr 19
More Good Days - Parenting Blog

Autism Acceptance Month is a time to speak of autism as a natural variation of the human experience. Rather than pathologizing autistic people, let’s focus instead on ways to provide acceptance, support, and accommodations to maximize their well-being.

22 Apr 19
The Twin Geeks

So the Child’s Play movies vary wildly in quality and tone. Yet, it all came from a single artistic voice. Don Mancini has been the creative captain of the famous killer doll franchise since its inception. That being said, MGM/Orion actually has the rights to the very first film, Child’s Play (1988), every sequel after is owned […]

22 Apr 19
Thought Catalog

The first thing we must do to turn our lives around is to get our spending under control. No more spending money on the frivolous things we young people like, like avocado toast and medicine.

22 Apr 19
Parental Cheat Codes

–By Alex Mills. 22/4/2019 It’s the 21st Century and you can’t seem to turn a corner without spending an unreasonable amount of money, simply on the things we require as a human. This means, that for the average person you want a good deal, decent value for money, especially as a gamer. Gaming can be […]

22 Apr 19

Lucifera gestured Herod to approach her desk. “Amalek tells me you have an interesting file.”

Herod said nothing. Neither did Lucifera, until she grinned casually. “Can’t say I care one way or another. So long as you weren’t sent to kill me in my sleep.”

“Not in your sleep ma’am, no.” Herod paused. “Or while awake.”

“Great! Then we’ll leave it at that.” Lucifera snort-laughed. “Happy, Amalek?’

“Not even a little.”

22 Apr 19

10. AMERICAN DAD (2005-2019) Another Seth McFarlane animated Fox show – albeit dropped in 2014 and picked up by TBS – starring McFarlane as a redneck CIA agent Stan Smith with a typecast homebody housewife (at least she seems to be at first, but Fran’s as mad as Stan is). The nerd son Steve hangs […]

22 Apr 19

Publication: Another Man Issue 28 Spring/Summer 2019Models: Hisaki Hayashi at Bravo Models, Shun Kawachi at B Tokyo, Makito Uchida at Light Management Photographer: Keizo KitajimaFashion Editor/Stylists: Ellie Grace CummingGrooming: Takeshi using Bumble & BumblePhotographic Assistans: Kouta Kishi, Takurou YoshikaiStyling Assistans: Jordan Duddy, Kaeko ShabanaGrooming Assistant: Minori Kato COVER STORY: KIM JONES SPEAKS ON DIOR AND HIS […]

22 Apr 19

SIOUX CITY — The space race is on, and it may involve a surprisingly limber Barbie doll and a bunch of exercise resistance bands. At least that’s what the Fantastic Five, a First Lego League (FLL) team made up of five Dakota Valley fifth-grade girls, think. “Astronauts require two to three hours of exercise, per […]