Alien Fresh Jerky

11 May 19

The Sea-Monkeys are doing swimmingly, thank you, flapping and flying through speckled salt water, pumping fleshy wings and wagging long pink tails like bitty aquatic dragons. Dozens of them flit and twirl about in a plastic tank that’s at best seven inches tall. (See some in action here. It’s totally worth it.)   The last […]

01 May 19
Arkham Reviews

Please note that this review may contain spoilers for the previous instalments of this series. You can read my review of these novels [here]. It seems like a good time to take a second look back at R.L. Stine’s classic Goosebumps series. This collection of middle grade horror stories originally ran for sixty-two novels between […]

01 May 19

Feature Writer: capn_doggy / Feature Title:  Reluctant Redemption / Story Codes: Devil Girl, Angel Girl, Monster Girl, Reluctance, First Time, Corruption, Lesbian, Transformation, Demon, Violence / Synopsis: Angel transforms devil in lesbian reverse corruption short /   Reluctant Redemption The snow fell from the sky. Pale white flakes kissing my ruby cheeks and ivory horns […]

30 Apr 19

I am fortunate to be able to visit Viet Nam at least once or twice a year, and so my first trip for 2019 was for my brother’s wedding in Long An province where I played the role of the best man. This is my second time being the best man, the first time was […]

27 Apr 19
The Technovore

Mortal Kombat is back with another installment! After the glorious Mortal Kombat X, can Mortal Kombat 11 be just as good?

22 Apr 19
Among The Joshua Trees

We decided to run up the 15 to Baker. One of our favorite little places is there, that being Alien Fresh Jerky. I got a T shirt that after it is laundered will be posted. I did take the Trusty Nikon and I did get a few pictures taken. It was an aim and fire […]

19 Apr 19

The Queen, the escape, the Queen again, clobbering time.

17 Apr 19
Truly Modern Sensation

In 1930 there were five routes that a migrant worker might take on his way through Nevada into California. Among them is Highway 15. Though not as famous or as well traveled as Route 66, it was one of the few gateways to the Pacific. On that long and narrow stretch of asphalt, between Las […]

12 Apr 19

  Jeri Jacquin Every year I look forward to a trip with my favorite traveling companion Jenise aka Film Brat to Las Vegas, Nevada for CinemaCon that began Monday, April 1st! We always start the very early drive 5+ hours and make sure to take time to stop at our favorite places along the way, […]

10 Apr 19
ashe mocaw

Hello all! Back again with another short story, this one a dystopian Sci-Fi with aliens, chaotic neutrals, gangs, evil governments, and more. Interested in seeing my blog posts a week before they go out here? Consider pledging to my ~Patreon~. Not only will you get early access to public blog posts, but for just $1 […]

02 Apr 19

It’s about the journey, not the destination. If you are like me, you appreciate a good road trip. Although you could cut your time by 3/4th through flying, the fun is in the journey and the experience. Flying sometimes becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth due to security checks, lines, and waiting at […]