15 May 19

South Carolina portrait photographer, Lauren Gregory, shares her story behind the shot from this classic and timeless family portrait. For this family I wanted to create a unique portrait, with soft directional light, and where each person is holding their own space. I sketched out their poses before the shoot (I always have a couple […]

17 Apr 19

Photographer, William Staudt, shares his story behind the shot from this men’s fashion series featuring model, David Miller.

12 Apr 19

Paul C. Buff, Inc. goes outdoors with Nashville-based wedding photographer, Rebecca Denton, and Tether Tools. Rebecca shares her process of doing a bridal portrait out on location in less than ideal lighting conditions. Go behind-the-scenes with Rebecca and Tether Tools in our recent ‘How I Got the Shot’ video.

29 Mar 19

Brandon Horoho is a photographer and creative director based in Kalispell, MT. Brandon shares his ‘Story Behind the Shot’ for a fitness brand product shoot.

25 Mar 19

We got ‘In the BUFF’ with lifestyle and fashion photographer, Gregory Keith Metcalf! Shedding light on his inspirations, style, and more, Metcalf shares with us his influences, creative process, and how he went from hobby to profession with Paul C. Buff, Inc.

08 Mar 19

Nashville based photographer Ashtin Paige shares the story and concept behind the shoot, her creative process, and what she needs to make her ideas come to light for a very empowering shoot!

21 Jan 19
B. Alyssa Trofort Photography Blog

For this look I had my subject on a grey background. For the lighting set up I used a 4 light set up using the Paul C Buff‘s Einstein 640 watts Flash units. On the key light, I had the 47″ Foldable Octabox with a Grid, as well as a yellow gel, overhead and to camera right […]

07 Jan 19

A few months ago, I was presented with an opportunity to photograph Santa and Mrs. Claus posing with families in my community. No, not the mall Santa — THE Santa Claus himself, hired by my local city’s development organization. There would be a custom backdrop built, including Christmas trees and colored lights. It was a […]

14 Dec 18

This is the third article in a four-part series discussing the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II. Click here to read my previous article, discussing the use of the camera for landscapes. In my final article, I’ll discuss using the camera for advertising. I photograph a lot of different types of portraits. Just a few weeks ago, […]

13 Dec 18
Flashes and Flash Accessories

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08 Nov 18

Photographer Holly Romaya was walking through a local mall in the Detroit metro area recently when she noticed something peculiar about the mall Santa photo area set up for kids portraits. It seems the people responsible for setting up the lighting equipment don’t actually know how it’s supposed to work.

05 Nov 18

Rebecca Denton shares her ‘Story Behind the Shot’ on a bridal portrait shoot!