Allen Ginsberg

25 Jun 19
Seeing Me Out

Sorry about the time gap, but I’ve been pretty busy. It’s been just over a year now since I decluttered, downsized and moved closer to the river in New Farm. With a freshly minted bathroom & some shiny new pieces of furniture, I can finally call this modest little modernist flat my home.   There […]

24 Jun 19
OB Rag

By Jim Miller

In the summer of 1967, the great Brazilian writer, Clarice Lispector, began a seven-year stint as a writer for Jornal de Brasil (The Brazilian News) not as a reporter but as a writer of “chronicles,” a genre peculiar to Brazil. As Giovanni Pontiero puts it in the preface to Selected Chrônicas, a chronicle,

“allows poets and writers to address a wider readership on a vast range of topics and themes. The general tone is one of greater freedom and intimacy than one finds in comparable articles or columns in the European or U.S. Press.”

What Lispector left us with is an eccentric collection of “aphorisms, diary entries, reminiscences, travel notes, interviews, serialized stories, essays, loosely defined as chronicles.” As a novelist, Pontiero tells us, Lispector was anxious about her relationship with the genre, apprehensive of writing too much and too often, of, as she put it, “contaminating the word.” It was a genre alien to her introspective nature and one that challenged her to adapt.

24 Jun 19
Cheap Chick in the City

16mm Film Screening: Before Stonewall 6 p.m. Hudson Park Library 66 Leroy Street Cost: Free! (Image Source: “Greta Schiller (1985, 87 min) Traces the development of the homosexual community from the social experimentation of the Roaring Twenties, the persecutions of the McCarthy era, and the development of the gay rights movement. Uses filmed recollections […]

24 Jun 19
Monongahela Books blog

The following is excerpted from Jack Foley’s Unmanageable Masterpiece: “Jack Foley has been such an active figure in California letters over the past forty years that it would seem impossible to make sense of West Coast poetry without reference to him. Yet most critics do exactly that. Foley has published on the margins of official […]

23 Jun 19

Daughter Kate recently asked if I’d seen Scorsese’s Rolling Thunder Revue on Netflix.“It’s fabulous,” she said. “Haven’t watched it yet,” I replied. “Of course, I saw it twice in Toronto – once from backstage.” “Wow! That must have been amazing.” I reminded her of the Rolling Thunder passage in my book. But would discover the movie takes some […]

23 Jun 19
Russia News Now

Edward Curtin reviews Scorsese’s documentary, The Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story He wears a mask and his face grows to fit it.”George Orwell, “Shooting an Elephant” The lobby of the temple of time travel called the Triplex Cinema in Great Barrington, Massachusetts was suffused with a nostalgic vibe tinged with the whiff of […]

23 Jun 19
Ordinary Times

On Daniel Swift’s journey into Saint Elizabeth’s mental hospital with Ezra Pound.

23 Jun 19
a Translator's Blog ・ 翻訳者のブログ

アメリカでは、「現代詩」という文学の分野は、主に音楽の周辺、あるいは音楽と共に大きく発展した。T.S. ElliotやEmily Dickinson、Charles Bukowski、そしてビート世代の詩人であるAllen GinsbergやJack Kerouacなどの例外を除いて、アメリカで一般的によく知られている、アメリカ出身の詩人は、そう多くない。というよりも、アメリカでは伝統的な詩人より、「歌詞」として「詩」を書く「詩人」のタイプが圧倒的に多い。その代表がWoody GuthrieやLead Belly、Bob Dylanや、それ以前のアメリカの貧困層の悲哀を歌に乗せて表現したブルーズマンたちであろう。現代のアメリカでは、商業色の濃いロック・ミュージックや、スタイルとして古く感じられるフォーク音楽やブルーズの人たちよりも、頼もしい近代派の詩人たちは若いヒップホップ・ミュージシャン、ラッパーたちであろう。これほどまでにアメリカの若い層の日常の苦難や美意識、思い出、ライフスタイルなどを自由自在に文学的に描き、音楽に乗せた現代詩が世間一般に広く拡散された時代も他に例がないだろう。翻訳の不備によって、日本はアメリカの「現代詩」の新たな黄金時代をすっかり見逃していると思う。

23 Jun 19
Glenn's World of Rock

The first time I saw Bob Dylan perform was in 1978 at Madison Square Garden with the Live from Budukon lineup. Mr. Dylan played two nights at MSG right on the heals of Neil Young and Crazy Horse playing two nights of the legendary “Rust Never Sleeps” tour. It was my freshman year at Queens […]

22 Jun 19

Professor Deborah Geis publishes the sixth book, Read my dish: food literature 22 June 2019 Deborah R. Geis, Raymond W. Pence Professor of English at DePauw University, is the author of Read my dish: food literature, which has just been published by Lexington Books / Rowman and Littlefield. Whether reading a recipe or learning what […]