Alliance Of The Sacred Suns

18 Jun 19
Black Goddess Reviews

Yes, I’m aware that this is meant to be a ‘top 10,’ but I was planning to do this post anyway, and I have sooo many books I’m looking forward to. July Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim YA Fantasy Project Runway meets Mulan in this sweeping YA fantasy about a young girl who poses […]

17 Jun 19
Contemplative Alliance

The Earth is a living oneness born from love, being remade by love each instant. And we can be part of its spiritual transformation, its awakening. The Earth is waiting and needing our participation. It has been wounded by our greed and exploitation, and by our forgetfulness of its sacred nature. It needs us to remember and reconnect, to live the oneness that is our true nature.

15 Jun 19

“Take a left here and walk straight! We’ll reach the Merry Waterfall then!” A high-pitched excited cry echoed through the rocky terrain of a small and hidden valley, bringing life to the godforsaken landscape. Five throbbing footsteps crackled on the vast numbers of pebbles and gravel on the earthen floor as vultures circled high above […]

11 Jun 19
Arts Knoxville

It has been called  “a cutting-edge laboratory for 21st-century avant-garde and experimental music,” but that only begins to describe the Nief-Norf Summer Festival and its importance. Now in its ninth season, the multi-week festival is a unique meeting-up of dozens of performers, composers, and music scholars to collaborate on the performance, creation, and discussion of […]

10 Jun 19

Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier My Rating: The forests of Sevenwaters have cast their spell over Sorcha’s daughter Liadan, who, like her mother, has inherited the talent to heal and to see into the spirit world. The forest spirits warn Liadan that she must remain for ever at Sevenwaters if the sacred isles […]

10 Jun 19
creating dreams! in ttrpg, art and spaces we believe in

game link: twitter link of this playthru: This is Our Story of Tragedy Once upon a time, in this land we made, we Gods watched and did nothing. THE MAG E charmed us when they traveled to our land, trailing magic and miracles in their wake. THE KING awed us and convinced the […]

09 Jun 19
The Devil's Fane

In a missive addressed to John Adams on August 15, 1820, a seventy-seven-year-old Thomas Jefferson responds to a “puzzling letter” he had received from the elder Adams the previous May dealing with weighty philosophical and spiritual topics like “matter, spirit, motion etc.”  In answer to his correspondent’s complex “croud of scepticisms [sic]” which proved so […]

06 Jun 19

His eyes were wary, and his right hand rested on his standard issue pistol still fastened in his belt. His dark green pants were pleated and relatively free of wrinkles while his tan shirt was buttoned all the way to the top as if he was used to wearing a tie. His broad brimmed Smokey […]