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08 Jun 19
Jason's Movie Blog

BASED ON A TRUE FANTASY   Elton John….the man, the myth, the musical legend. The fascination and wonder of Elton John (both him and his music) has captured the attention of millions of people and spanning decades through several generations. His numerous #1 hit songs have become timeless as well, with their releases been something […]

26 May 19
Bardot Books | Blog

  Overview: From the Isle of Taphia, at just left of center as we reckon its mapped location by the satellite image above presented, we also have Cephalonia Island at lower left, the Small Gulf of Ambrakia above the later Nomos of Arkanania, and the Upper Achelöos and Wilderness Wilds at descent from the Pindus […]

15 Feb 19
Super Heroes

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a film genre that’s taken over mainstream Hollywood and multiplex culture faster than a single bullet! Superhero movies have gone through a massive evolution over the last few decades, from special-event blockbusters (“You’ll believe a man can fly”) to expanded-universe franchises that mimic […]

21 Jan 19
Cain S. Latrani

Don’t panic. There is not an anime about Bella Swan. Don’t look at me like that. I know you were worried about it for a second there. That title is really misleading. I’m sure anime fandom lost many Twihards over it. Well, lost may be a strong word. Were relived of might be a better […]

23 Oct 18
Miracle Movies

There’s no denying that Brian De Palma has directed some truly remarkable films during the course of his long career. He’s made 29 of them in fact. By coincidence, that’s nearly the same number Steven Spielberg has made. But the similarities don’t end there. Back on the late 1960s, De Palma and Spielberg were part […]

14 Sep 18

Your guide to watch The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius online — including simple streaming info, cast actors and characters, and best seasons and episodes.

23 Aug 18
Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

Hyun Bin is getting set to premiere a new movie AND is beginning a new drama in the coming months.  So now is the perfect time to share my love for my #1 K-drama bias.  Just so we’re clear, you guys, I’m a serious fan … and I have the ‘face’ socks to prove it!! From […]

29 Jun 18
Ars Translations

It was in the evening of the next day that Leo-sama came to pick me up. “Sorry, I kept you waiting. How is your body feeling?” “It’s alright. This morning, Elias told me about what had happened when I had been asleep. Thank you so much for all of the things you’ve done for me. […]

27 Jun 18
Ars Translations

Haruto’s perspective.   When I woke up, it was to a room in darkness. There wasn’t a single inkling in my mind of how long I’d been asleep. Yet when I looked over to the side, I saw Leo-sama; in his sleep, he had nearly slumped over on my bed. Since even on a normal […]

26 Jun 18
Ars Translations

Leo-sama’s perspective.     I received a violent punch, and the taste of iron spread through my mouth. Hurriedly raising my right hand to restrain the knights, who were reaching for their swords, I faced His Highness Alexei. “I sincerely regret the inconvenience I have caused by inviting you here so suddenly. Moreover, for having […]

02 May 18
Complete Christianity

In my last essay, There Is A God,  I argued that belief in God is not only reasonable and logical but that it’s also totally natural. Belief in a Creator, or Divinity, has been the natural order of things throughout man’s history, and in spite of the temporary aberration called Marx-Darwinian Atheism, the majority of […]

04 Apr 18

ABANDONMENT ISSUES Previously:  Once Upon a Journey to the West Themesong: Break On Through by The Doors After a decade as Shang Jang, born in the Bronx in 1845 and not provably an enemy of either the questors or of the forces of Heaven, I had accomplished exactly nothing of any value. To say that I […]