25 Apr 19
Einfach Carolin

Vegan, ohne Tierversuche, ohne Silikone, Parabene, möglichst ohne chemische Duftstoffe und am besten noch zero waste. So sieht sie wohl aus, die “perfekte” Naturkosmetik. Ich finde diese Entwicklung sehr gut und freue mich über jedes vegane Produkt, das in den Handel kommt. Ich habe bereits vor einiger Zeit darüber berichtet, dass ich nachhaltiger leben möchte […]

04 Apr 19
Lady Hysteria

Hey there! Another month is gone and i have found new cool allies! March was very intense, a little sweaty and these allies have halped me a lot! I started(finally) to go to the gym. My skin was very dry and last body butter did not work anymore. At Dm i found this one by […]

04 Apr 19
Andrew Stemler

Most hardcore breathing athletes do “Balloon Breathing”  hanging off a pull up bar. As a matter of history, here is the original 90/90 hip lift breathing drill that’s discussed by Boyle et al ( 2010) Lie on your back,  feet flat on the wall, knees and hips bent at a 90- degree angle. Place a […]

02 Apr 19
Du Musst Nach Berlin

A two-course meal in a moderately fancy restaurant with huge windows and lovely views of the Kleiner Tiergarten park is quite a nice way to break up the day, so I’m lucky Alverdes is right next to my office. Even better, the weekday lunch menu is only €7.50, which given the quality and portion sizes […]

18 Mar 19

Two weeks ago I went shopping with my boyfriend in Germany. I found a lot of good stuff and I am happy to tell you a little bit about the things I found. First we went to the DM, a drugstore. A friend of mine told me it is a really nice store with a […]

27 Feb 19

I’m reviewing lip care products for the 2018 Clean Beauty Awards — you get free insights into the challenges of creating excellent products, formula to packaging.

24 Feb 19

Lionel Messi was hailed as the greatest player in the world by Ernesto Valverde after his hat-trick helped Barcelona come from behind twice before beating Sevilla on Saturday.

22 Feb 19

ALVERDE COSMETICS Today’s blog post is all about beauty and makeup. This time I tested Alverde products which I bought at DM (a drug store in Slovenia). Alverde is a brand which sells natural cosmetics without parabens, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. Read the following review to see which products I used and how it worked out. KOZMETIKA ALVERDE Temi današnje […]

16 Feb 19

Ahoojte 🙂 Už dlhší čas sa zamýšľam nad otázkou životného prostredia a snažím sa žiť čo najviac ekologicky, obmedzovať plasty ako sa len dá, triediť odpad, jesť čo najmenej spracované potraviny… Celkovo sa snažím žiť čo najviac šetrne a postupne si uvedomujem dopady svojho konania na planétu. Ruka v ruke so zmenou môjho myslenia išlo […]