16 Feb 19

Ahoojte 🙂 Už dlhší čas sa zamýšľam nad otázkou životného prostredia a snažím sa žiť čo najviac ekologicky, obmedzovať plasty ako sa len dá, triediť odpad, jesť čo najmenej spracované potraviny… Celkovo sa snažím žiť čo najviac šetrne a postupne si uvedomujem dopady svojho konania na planétu. Ruka v ruke so zmenou môjho myslenia išlo […]

10 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

New vegan wooden toothbrush from dm made from renewable raw materials Many people are unaware that animal products are found in many toothbrushes, for example as carriers in plastic. However, there are also vegan alternatives. The drugstore chain "dm" has now brought one on the market: a wooden toothbrush, which consists of renewable resources. Regularly […]

10 Feb 19
Archy news nety

Cologne – Everyone needs them, but many do not buy the biggest ideas when buying them: toothbrushes. Yes, it is necessary to brush your teeth, but what does it really matter? Sexy is not really a toothbrush. But in times when the topic & # 39; sustainability & # 39; more and more is being […]

09 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

"Dm" brings out new product and the customers are racing for joy – but they have this urgent desire on 08.02.2019 at 20:49 A market of the drugstore chain "dm". Photo: imago / Rust The drugstore "dm"Obviously hit the nerve of many customers with a new product. No sooner had the "dm"-Eigenmarke alverde Posted via […]

06 Feb 19

I’ve been loving that a lot of bloggers or vloggers that I watch do a monthly favourites because you have a feeling that you are getting to know who is this person that you are watching, in real life. So I figured that I’d give it a go. Here are a few things that I […]

30 Jan 19
The Spicy Spatula

Today I want to talk about another aspect of being a vegan or rather, striving to be a better vegan, and that is living a vegan lifestyle. For some that means a strict adherence to non-animal products in every aspect of life but for most of us, that means ridding your life of as many of those […]

20 Jan 19
Bekky 04

Werbung/Ad (selbstgekaufte Produkte) We all know, we use things up. Often we buy items in affect that someone recomended them to us. And I thought, why not recommend you some beauty related things or advise against aproduct. So I collected my empty containers and now I can give you some mini reviews! Make Up I’ve […]