12 Feb 19
Ireland by Chance

Last week at UCL’s Engineering Front Office we celebrated birthdays, for my colleague Inês, and for me as well. A group of us had lunch out together on Wednesday and we also enjoyed lunch in the office together on several other days of the week. It’s really not so bad getting old when you’re surrounded […]

05 Oct 18
Adventures with Sarah

I don’t know about you, but I have about a dozen day bags in my luggage collection. It is so hard to find the right one–something practical, comfortable, and maybe even a little bit stylish. Travel day bags are hard to pick. I have my own ways and preferences, (you remember THIS article) so I […]

16 Apr 18
HEYDOYOU lifestyle blog

Mark your calendars, festival season is right around the corner! In between dancing, partying and making new memories with friends, festival goers know the key to having a great time is packing smart! We have rounded up our favorite festival must haves to guarantee a weekend of purse bliss! AmeriBag  $30 – $180 AmeriBag’s NEW […]

12 Feb 18
FabriCate & Mira

When traveling, I’m admittedly pretty fussy about my handbag. First and foremost it needs to protect against all of those greedy hands that want to steal, but also it needs to be large enough without being too large. Then there’s the need for a distinct place for my passport, money, phone, kindle, water bottle, etc. […]