03 Dec 18
Lorihn Baade

See the rest of the story at #192 Ameritron AL 80A Repair and Winner Of VTVM syndicated from

10 Nov 18
Top Band Chordal Hopper

Ameritron AL-80B – my Plan A I read a little ditty on Bernie’s Daily DX today about how Tack, JE1CKA is getting ready for 3Y0I. So am I – my Plan A is 1000 watts and my IC-7300. Thanks so much Elliot, N6PF for the loan of the amplifier. I will use my DXE 40P 40M […]

25 Oct 18
Skerries Radio Club

The full blown Shack-in-a-Box from Mark, EI8EFB, has all you need to make a contact on HF and VHF. An ingenious solution to the problem of being able to pick up your shack, and go somewhere nice and quiet to have a rag-chew or listen in to the local news net. Or for an AREN […]

11 Oct 18
Skerries Radio Club

Skerries Radio Club’s begins operating on HF and VHF from the new club shack at Skerries Harbour using the newly installed Ameritron Vertical HF antenna and the Diamond Vertical 2m VHF antenna. One of the first contacts was Anthony EI2KC on 10 metres surface wave straight across the water to Drogheda. Thanks Anthony. Ben EI2IN, […]

24 Sep 18
Skerries Radio Club

Members from Skerries Radio Club installed two new antennae, on Ameritron HF antenna and a 2m VHF antenna. They were installed just before storm Ali hit the country. Fortunately the antennae survived the storm.

09 Aug 18

Ameritron AL-1500 Ham Radio Amplifier w/ Orig Manual, Peter Dahl Xfrmr SN 12058 – Buy – Ameritron AL-1500 Ham Radio Amplifier w/ Orig Manual, Peter Dahl Xfrmr SN 12058

29 Jul 18

This information was sent to us through our Facebook page. I want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity since it’s only a week away. More info will be added if any more becomes available. Opens at 8 am, Aug 4th, 2018 “DUSTY HAM TREASURE” OPPORTUNITY We are contacting Central NY Amateur Radio organization […]

24 Jun 18

Isn't Stuff Great

captain-ameritron: mlchaeijones: rp-michael-j-caboose: kawaii—khaleesi: Guys it’s the original filming for Red vs Blue back in 2003 this is so important “Why are we fighting the blue army anyways?” “No shit.” “you never know” (Source:

09 Apr 18
Top Band Chordal Hopper

            3B7A is turning out to be an important DXpedition as far as my planning is concerned, DX wise. I have tested the SteppIR UrbanBeam yesterday and today on 20M – and I heard 3B7A calling West Coast for more than an hour each day – and very readable. I’m […]

08 Apr 18
Top Band Chordal Hopper

In July, 2001, I walked into HRO Oakland and walked out with an Icom IC-756ProII. I was amazed at how far ham radio gear had come since I was WN2QHN in 1973 in New Jersey – when I had upgraded from a Hallicrafters HT-40 to a Kenwood TS-511s: Wow – snazzy shirt! The first pileup […]