Amor Psyche

22 Feb 19
The Astrology Seer

The Moon is transitting through Libra and emphasising a need to relate to another, or to at least find the unity within oneself. The Moon is forming a conjunction with Iris the Messenger Goddess, harmonizing with Libra’s open communication and desire for pleasing aesthetics. The balancing act is being challenged from all around, as this […]

19 Feb 19
Maitriyana Buddhist Community

CASE 17-2016: Ricardo Javier Ocampo, Meditazen Community & Bienaventuranza Foundation & Dharma Prema Association By Master Yan Maitri-Shi, Prosecutor of International Buddhist Ethics Committee   HONORABLE JURY OF INTERNATIONAL BUDDHIST ETHICS COMMITTEE (IBEC) & BUDDHIST TRIBUNAL ON HUMAN RIGHTS (BTHR) After Legitimating and Validating Proofs, Evidences and Charges by Buddhist Master Maitreya, President and Spiritual […]

08 Feb 19
Catharsis in Commencement

*Forewarning: Long post ahead.* Revisiting my older posts made me realise that, seeing how I used to be, how I used to think, brings comfort to my present self and made me realise that things are never as bad as my fucked up head seems to tell me, which brought me great relief. I guess […]

27 Jan 19

AD CAROLVM QVEM CVPIDO MIHI POSSVIT Tibi scripsi ut videre posses quod esse tecum cupio. Si mihi licet dicere quod sentio tibi. Narrabo tibi nunc ut omnia inceperunt. Illud coepit cum te loquentem videbam apud soldales tuos cursus. Ab illo tempore, oblitus esse tibi non potui. Nescio quid fecisti ut caderem in manibus amoris. Ut […]

25 Jan 19
A Writer's Blog

A little boy trying to make the entire world fall in love. Anyone shot by the Arrow will feel a very strong desire building up in them, uncontrollable. The Cupid – The Desire – The Amor – represented as a young boy with wings, a bow, and heart-head arrows, someone who made the plots work […]

21 Jan 19
Timothy Lyons

“If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in the field of your […]

20 Jan 19
Tributary Archive

to preface: this is a tad self indulgent. no pressure to read, in fact I may just intermittently add to this post over time. i was thinking of collecting passages from the various wonderful books sue left me, passages that she underlined or wrote in the margins or starred or indicated some sort of excitement. […]

14 Jan 19
Blooms & Barnacles

—He can’t wear them, Buck Mulligan told his face in the mirror. Etiquette is etiquette. He kills his mother but he can’t wear grey trousers. To listen to a discussion of this topic, check out the podcast episode here. The text of Ulysses is populated by certain repeated phrases that shine light on the inner […]

12 Jan 19
Our World Legends.

In Our World. Legends Tell Tales of Yore, of Mystery. Love, Other Bruises as well. Well as Within. Hows, Whys, What They Did. By Seek+Search to Find, Seeded within One. One unrequited Love, an oft Forgotten Ode. That, those Berry Time and Places… and i, Shiro too. To Forget Not. Herein. How To Read These Legends Ripe. Berries. The White. Pt 1.

07 Jan 19
Ralphs Wordpress

Before our group even vaguely settled on the enigmatic 1930’s noire-inspired adaptation of The Tell-Tale Heart, myself and the two friend’s I was living with (Nathan Somner and Fraser Mckean) discussed our shared fascination with the darker side of human nature, the side that perhaps seems to transcend and even bend morality. That psychological space […]

06 Jan 19
Opening the Vita Nuova

In my last post I explained, very briefly, why I think the Vita Nuova’s first part is meant to raise the question of whether or not subjective desire, amore, is a good thing, whether it has the good for its object. I plan to expand on this a little later, but first I’d like to […]

06 Jan 19

Die Psyche (ψυχή) bedeutet in der deutschen Sprache die Seele. Unter Lyse oder ursprünglich der Lysis (λύσις) versteht man die [Auf-]Lösung von etwas. Psycholyse bedeutet somit die Auflösung der Seele. Was ist darunter zu verstehen? Was versteht man unter der Seele. Was unter Körper, Seele und Geist? Die Psyche steht für die Seele, das Seelenleben, […]

04 Jan 19
Urban Female Lifestyle

Music and Literature compliment one another as they are quite close companions that are always by the others side for us. They are like the complimentary love pair Romeo and Juliet. Music is life’s assistant and partner and it may have possibly been there since the beginning. It has never parted from us and will […]

01 Jan 19
Robert Up At Dawn

Below is a list of the books I’ve read in the past year, followed by abridged reviews of seven fiction and seven nonfiction favorites consumed in 2018. In the order read (linked to the full review)… Commonwealth / Ann Patchett  Washington : A Life / Ron Chernow The Geography Of Madness : Penis Thieves, Voodoo […]

29 Dec 18
Ankur Sharma

This is not really a coherent essay as much as a set of thoughts about some tough times stuck together. Read it as such. (Apologies for the typos, I didn’t proof-read much). (My friends and I flying back from HK to Mumbai in Jan 2018). Stray thoughts. I’m 26 and a half. In January—when the […]

28 Dec 18
Wired Opposite

There are countless remarks one could make to preface the narcissistic task of ranking the best works of musical artistry within a given year by ones own subjective estimation. As I attempt to do just that, my focus will come guided by the understanding that all year-end lists are is a representation of the writer’s […]