20 Jun 19

Berikut timeline sejarah perkembangan bass dengan sumber utama dari Leo’s Bass Page (sudah ditutup): 1490 : 6 & 7 string Bass Viola da Gamba from SilvestroGanassi – Venice, Italy Late 1500′s : First Double Bass from Gasparod’Salo – Italy 1910 : Gibson builds for 20 years the Mando Bass (Acoustic Bass without amplification, 24″ scale, 17 frets) 1926 : First “Electric […]

19 Jun 19

The Global Musical Instrument Market Research Report describes the fundamental involvement of the Musical Instrument industry that consists of, major company profiles, product classification, cost of the product, growth rate, current scenario of the Musical Instrument industry, along with advanced and technological development, and product enhancement. The global Musical Instrument market is primarily categorized on […]

17 Jun 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This Ampeg PF500 bass head is in good working condition. The face and back are clean and the top and sides have some scratches. This head is lightweight and powerfull with 500w. This bass head features 3 band EQ, 5 position frequency selecter, compression and high/low. This is a versatile bass head for all genres […]

14 Jun 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This SVT450 Bass Head made by Ampeg is a great tool for any bassist looking for a classic sound. This solid state amp head features built in EQ dials that allow the player to dial in their sound, 450W MOSFET output, a line out level select and more! This amp head is in decent condition, […]

14 Jun 19
Tristen's Studio Blog

Unfortunately being part of an underground rock band does not warrant a free pass to take a day off work and so most of the OXY band members were unable to attend the majority of the recording sessions that we had scheduled. Luckily, lead singer Brandon knew his music back to front and could play […]

12 Jun 19
Honest Amp Sim Reviews

Platform Win/Mac Genres All things heavy! Uses Rhythm, Lead, Crunch Version reviewed 1.0.0 Score: 5 / 5 STL Tones product page KVR product details INTRO: STL Tones made a splash with Tonality: Howard Benson and it won our amp sim of the year in 2018. When it came out, I was seeing a lot of […]

11 Jun 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This pedal is a bass distortion pedal aimed to replicate the sound of an AMPEG SVT head. This pedal is perfect to achieve a growling tone.

10 Jun 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

It’s all about tone. The SVT-3PRO’s Frequency control allows you to select the center frequency for the Midrange control, giving you a choice of five distinct “voices” for the Midrange. The center frequencies are 220Hz, 450Hz, 800Hz, 1.6kHz and 3kHz. And if that’s not enough, you can use the 9-Band Graphic EQ to custom tailor […]

10 Jun 19
Dean Thorne Studio Production Blog

The first studio session was booked for the 2nd of April from 6pm – 9pm. This session was intended to brain storm with the band in order to flesh out creative ideas. The band did not stay for the full three hours, but a lot of progress was made in terms of planning. The second […]

10 Jun 19
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The Guitar Amplifiers Consumption market report gives a sorted image of the Guitar Amplifiers Consumption industry by the technique, incorporation, and analysis of study and data picked up from various sources. The report exactly elaborates the basics: descriptions, departments, applications and Business chain overview; business regulations and plans; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures and so on. In […]

07 Jun 19

The Guitar Amps market analysis is composed of secondary search methods and primary market analysis applications from 2019-2025. Our analysts run telephonic in addition to personal interviews to get the information associated with this Guitar Amps industry. Additionally, they refer databases of associations in places from the industry, government documents, media releases, financial and annual Guitar […]

01 Jun 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

Made in China. Includes original box. Power supply not included. This Ampeg is in really good shape! Some minor scratches and scuffs from normal use. Two rubber feet missing from bottom. All knobs, jacks, buttons and LEDs are intact and function properly.

30 May 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

Today we have the Ampeg SVTAV all tube bass amp head. This amp is a workhorse of an amplifier and delivers bright punchy tone while having an unmatched level of versatility. This ampeg has minimal wear and tear and will have you rocking in no time!