01 Dec 18
NCS Audio

Aqui você pode confiar no que esta ouvindo!

Tenha a sua disposição uma placa Apollo X6 (lançamento da Universal Audio), monitores Yamaha NS-10M e Tannoy DMT 12 por um baixo custo.

A idéia do Kapta Lounge é oferecer para artistas e produtores uma sala com baixo custo, com excelente acústica e equipamentos de áudio que irão levar sua produção para outro nível. Dentro do Kapta Lounge você vai ouvir detalhes na sua música que dentro de um Home Studio não aparece e poderá fechar sua mix utilizando mais de 50 plug-ins da universal áudio, além dos plug-ins que estão na sua sessão.

No valor do pacote de horas não está incluso computador e técnico, pois a idéia da sala é você trazer o seu computador, conectar em nosso sistema (Apollo X6) e sair finalizando sua mix da onde parou da sua casa.

Quando você chegar no estúdio para utilizar sua compra, um técnico de áudio estará te esperando para auxiliar na instalação do seu computador no nosso sistema, mostrar como tira um café da nossa máquina e apresentar nossa estrutura!

Precisa gravar uma voz ou um instrumento com nível profissional ?

Aqui você pode gravar em um ambiente acusticamente isolado, utilizar microfones Neumann e atingir outros níveis na sua produção musical com um baixo custo.


30 Nov 18
Grace-Anne's blog

  Every evening after school I am pretty sure that everyone … well almost everyone watch TV. But have you stop to wonder who were the MVPs for the invention of the TV.I pretty sure that everyone is amaze at how the television work how it can pick up signal from across the world just […]

28 Nov 18
Ruben's Site

The first VCR player was both inefficient and expensive. The Ampex Corporation developed the VRX-1000 in 1956. This video recorder used a rotating head design to record video and audio on magnetic tape, and the $50,000 price tag made it an unrealistic investment for most. To further complicate matters, the rotating heads required a skilled […]

26 Nov 18
Vintage Electronics


25 Nov 18
Sharee Theobalds

Over the years television (Tv)  has become the most popular mass medium since 1950. It had replaced radio as persons tend to like a visual setting rather than hearing about it. Some even think that it is difficult to go on with life if they had no Tv. But before I go on about Tv lets […]

25 Nov 18

As our journey through the history and development of Mass communication continues, you are invited to sit back and relax as we peruse the history of one of the most popular mass mediums known to man. That’s right! We will dive straight into the history of the Television. The device which provides entertainment to many […]

23 Nov 18
Chloe Schmidt || AIM110

As relating to my previous patchwork tasks relating to an audio practitioner, I have consistently selected Kevin Parker to talk about. He is a highly regarded musician and producer not only in the Perth music scene – but nationally, and in recent times, globally. I can whole heartedly say that Kevin Parker produces some of […]

22 Nov 18

Each holiday season we are reminded how much we have to be thankful for. At the American Red Cross, we are fortunate to have volunteers and partners that help make our work possible. For thanksgiving, we want to send a special thanks to those who made it possible for the Red Cross to provide assistance to […]

20 Nov 18
Farrel Laborahima

1. Basis Data dan DBMS. Basis data (database) adalah kumpulan data yang disimpan secara sistematis di dalam komputer yang dapat diolah atau dimanipulasi menggunakan perangkat lunak (program aplikasi) untuk menghasilkan informasi. Pendefinisian basis data meliputi spesifikasi berupa tipe data, struktur data dan juga batasan-batasan pada data yang akan disimpan. Basis data merupakan aspek yang sangat […]

17 Nov 18
Vintage Electronics

Vintage ’60s Ampex AG-350 1/4″ Reel Tape Recorder Transport 7.5/15 ips version – Buy – Vintage ’60s Ampex AG-350 1/4″ Reel Tape Recorder Transport 7.5/15 ips version

15 Nov 18
Bryaaa's Blog

Atari is reminiscent of one’s childhood. Atari was a game console that every child wanted. Although they had a short period of popularity, Atari dominated the gaming console market in the 1970s and 1980s, stemming from the ideas of a man named Nolan Bushnell. While studying at the University of Utah, Bushnell was introduced to […]

14 Nov 18
Weave a Better Story

Everything in the media world is subject to evolution, and recording formats is no exception. In the early days, television programs were produced and transmitted at the same time, meaning that shows were being watched in real-time in the homes of viewers. Recording technologies were not invented until long after the television. In fact, the […]

09 Nov 18

A detailed guide to the most historically significant tracks on the new box set celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ White Album