Anchor Hocking

22 Apr 19
Home Caring Tips

Well past seven one evening in 1988, after the nurses and the office manager had gone home, as he prepared to see the last of his patients and return some phone calls, Dr. Lou Ortenzio stopped by the cupboard where the drug samples were kept. Ortenzio, a 35-year-old family practitioner in Clarksburg, West Virginia, reached […]

20 Apr 19
Catching My Drift

I’ve got pieces of April, I keep them in a memory bouquet.                              —Three Dog Night Suddenly there are dandelions, bold and yellow, brash and arrogant, next to the violets nestled quietly in the rich green grasses of Spring. A yellow season—the bobbing daffodils, the outspoken dandelions. I remember, randomly, picking dandelions for pay. […]

18 Apr 19

From woven baskets to jars and labels, the reality star’s organization tips will cost you a pretty penny

18 Apr 19
Hammers N Hugs

With a burst of flavor and a pot full of vegetables, this is the easiest vegetable beef stew that even my kids enjoy thanks to the magic ingredient at the end!  Leftovers are perfect for freezing and make a wonderful meal to give away or save for later.

16 Apr 19
Kitchen Supplies Toronto

When it comes to the culinary field, whether it be at the outside grillor baking that perfect wedding cake, measurements ensure success.  Proper utensils such as glass bakeware are paramount in the kitchen.  Measuring and baking in glass is an inexpensive and time-tested method providing great food constantly.

14 Apr 19

Glass Tableware Global Industry Report – History, Present and Future 2019 The global market size of Glass Tableware is $XX million in 2017 with XX CAGR from 2013 to 2017, and it is expected to reach $XX million by the end of 2023 with a CAGR of XX% from 2018 to 2023. There are 3 […]

13 Apr 19
TJR Cruises

4pm – Friday – we arrived at our assigned mooring spot and dropped anchor. The Captain is awaiting his assigned number in tomorrow morning’s northbound convoy. Approximately 30-40 ships will be in the convoy, typically led by military warships, passenger cruise ships and finally commercial freighters. A British navy ship passed by as part of […]

13 Apr 19
Hammers N Hugs

This dessert is a creamy burst of fresh strawberry flavor made with all-natural ingredients including strawberry Greek yogurt and is the perfect blend of sweet and salty with the yummy crunch of a pretzel baked crust. 

11 Apr 19
Smart Kitchen Solutions

Bake and serve with confidence and style with the Anchor Hocking Laurel Embossed Bakeware Set in Rosewater. These beautiful and functional tempered glass bake dishes are Up to 100% Stronger than Regular Glass, does not stain or absorb odors, is free of harmful chemicals and is Made in the USA. Anchor Hocking glass bakeware is […]

11 Apr 19
Grape & Blush

Davis was supposed to write his wine Wednesday post, but it didn’t work out this week so you get me and my favorite Prosecco instead! I don’t have as much wine knowledge as Davis, but I’ve picked up a little over the past five years. Prosecco only comes from Italy, and the Italian government classifies […]

10 Apr 19
TOP Market Reports

The report evaluates the Glass Tableware Market share command by the key Players of the business and offers a full assessment of the competitive landscape. This market is split into completely totally different sections with the profound analysis of each phase with relevancy the geography for the study quantity. Supported the historical data, the report […]

09 Apr 19
Grape & Blush

A depression glass pattern, Cameo is also known as “Ballerina” or “Dancing Girl” because of the dancer posed in the center of the floral garlands. Produced by Anchor Hocking in the early 1930’s in green, yellow, pink, and clear with a platinum rim, this pattern is one of my favorites. Most of what’s available is […]

08 Apr 19

Every chef (home or professional) has certain kitchen items and gadgets they adore. This is our list of both new and used items we love. In an effort to not only be more sustainable but have tool made to last, we have found that a lot of basic items from thrift stores work better than […]

08 Apr 19
ADV Cruise

“Hold on,” Gilby said. “Let me grab the sheets.” “Don’t rush,” I told him as he limped from his family’s guest room. It had been one year since Gilby’s motorcycle accident. His left leg was broken when a man driving a pickup pulled in front of him, and Gilby, unable to stop his bike in […]

08 Apr 19
Blue and White Home

One of the items I look for when thrifting is vintage milk glass. Vintage milk glass is fairly easy to find and generally quite inexpensive, and I like the variety of pieces that are available. I get particularly excited when I find a pedestal bowl or a planter to use for my houseplants like this […]