Ancient Greek Sandals

15 Jun 19
Ishmael a Soledad

Abbot Johannes gazed at the twenty-four professed gathered before him, the bitter chill of early February penetrating the bare stone chapel. The taking of vows, the final irrevocable admission of a brother to the community was solemn, a time of thanks. This one was unique, a loss-tinged joy. Having remained prostrated, naked in penitential reverence […]

14 Jun 19
Jim is the Traveling Man

The apostle know as Paul was not one of the original twelve disciples, but his writings contained in the New Testament give the church most of guidance on how to follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Paul is my favorite author in Scripture, so going where he walked 2000 years ago, helping to grow […]

13 Jun 19
The Imaginative Conservative

When John Keats died in Rome on February 23, 1821, at the age of 25, the world lost one of the greatest poetic geniuses it had ever known. Although much of what would undoubtedly have been his greatest work was unfinished—and as much scattered about in, or only hinted at in his letters—his published works […]

12 Jun 19
The Travelling Traves

One of the UKs glorious bank holidays coincided with two of my favourite people holidaying in Greece; hence, I found myself on beautiful Santorini for five days. It was really something special getting to spend a good chunk of time with them; I’d missed them dearly. Santorini certainly surprised me – I think everyone pictures […]

12 Jun 19
The Witchcraft Chronicles

The Witchcraft Chronicles for Wednesday, June 12 ************ “A wise Witch knows the shadows come from the light” — Dacha Avelin ************ Custom Planetary Positions June 12, 2019 Sun: 21 Gemini 15 Moon: 20 Libra 43 Mercury: 13 Cancer 00 Venus: 04 Gemini 11 Mars: 17 Cancer 35 Jupiter: 19 Sagittarius 15 Rx Saturn: 19 […]

12 Jun 19

Jump Start your Summer wardrobe with this light weigh Isabel Marant jumpsuit. It looks great paired with a wide brim hat and sandals. Details below. Isabel Marant Lindsie Jumpsuit Nordstrom, $555 Additional sizing here. It’s a loose fitting light weight fit made out of cotton voile fabric. Also love this Utility Romper Topshop, $85. Janessa Leone Gloria […]

12 Jun 19
Meinders Community Library

Because I’m me, and curiosity doesn’t just belong to cats, I couldn’t let James Wedgwood show up today without knowing a bit more about ventriloquism. A quick search on the almighty google provided me with a plethora of websites outlining the history of this fascinating art. It, quite literally, is ancient. While I had known […]

11 Jun 19
Let's share stories!!!

There are many fashionistas in the world. People who are mindful of what they wear and also learn about the perfect clothes, shoes and accessories for each seasons. Since most of the places of the world is experiencing summer right now, we decided to bring you the latest summer bops. Confused before? don’t worry you […]

11 Jun 19
Sustainable Outfits

Salt + Umber Type: Fair Trade, Conscious, Vegetable Tanned Leathers The Salt + Umber brand crafts their totally conscious vegetable-tanned leather and scrap leather sandals in small batches. They are almost zero-waste and use 3-D printing technology to minimize waste in their designs. They exclusively partner with ethical factories that have been certified by SMETA […]

11 Jun 19

I bought this dress this week. It’s a really light cotton. I have a 14 and could’ve sized down but I’m happy with a looser fit. I like a dress like this for really hot days (please, please). Unlike in the photo, the tie on the front does up properly to hide a bra. I […]

10 Jun 19
HCS Learning Commons

Travel back in time to see what life was like in ancient Greece and Rome while having fun with hands-on activities such as making a star gazer; chiseling a clay tablet; weaving Roman sandals; making a Greek mosaic; creating Roman jewelry; throwing Greek pottery; casting a vote in a Roman-style election; and much more. .

10 Jun 19
Centro Studio Misteri Italiani

di Andrea Romanazzi Modern Druidism was born in 1700 with the contribution of William Blake and of Masonic and Rotarian culture, as well as with a renewed interest in the history of ancient origins and English antiquarian art.  Were an english antiquarian, John Aubrey, and later a Lincolnshire doctor, William Stukeley, to define the archetype […]

09 Jun 19

“I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?” – John Lennon.   Anyone who has gone to high school or has paid attention to […]