Ann Harvey

22 Mar 19
True Crime Rocket Science / #tcrs

How do we measure criminal culpability? Do we do so by body count, lack of remorse, age of the victims, murder weapon, malicious intent, the brutality of the actual crimes, scale and scope of the cover-up or is motive the key determining factor? As shocking as the Watts case is, in many respects, if we’re […]

21 Mar 19
Lean Forward

Health care providers are not immune to misconceptions about OUD in pregnancy. Learn the facts to provide your patients with evidence-based treatment.

21 Mar 19
Lists for You

Are you wondering about the best series ever published in many countries and reaching a large fan base? Here are the top rated and top-watched top 41 series lists and recommendations In our country, especially in different countries around the world, the highly acclaimed series is very important for all of us. You have watched […]