Anna's Hummingbird

17 Jul 19
Diane Henders

I love living out in the country where the air is a tapestry of birdsong and our little feathered friends forage busily in our gardens.  We have everything from the drab but melodic Hermit Thrush to the brilliant Western Tanager; the giant and crazily prehistoric-looking Pileated Woodpecker to the tiny Anna’s Hummingbird.  But unlike my […]

16 Jul 19
The Chubby Woman’s Walkabout ™

I headed out to the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve for my Tuesday morning volunteer Monarch monitoring and Trail Walking thing.  It was about 61° when I got there around 6:00 am but was already up to 80° by 10:30 when I left.  Eew.  I got to the preserve a little early but was eventually joined […]

15 Jul 19
Park Preview

  Anna’s hummingbird sticking its tongue out. .

11 Jul 19

I spent the 4th of July weekend camping with my family at one of my favorite spots. Domingo Spring in Lassen National Forest. I first visited this site during my graduate school work where I was recording the calls of Evening Grosbeaks, and I have returned regularly ever since. The campground, set among jumbled piles […]

09 Jul 19
La Paz Group

female – Telegraph Hill, California

07 Jul 19

It was a cold but clear morning at Silver Falls when I went to a vacant campsite with perfect birding design, unintentional for sure.  There was a small stream running on the east side of a clearing, then the western edge was the face of a mature forest.  Dense brush and willows filled the space […]

05 Jul 19
Vancouver Sun

It’s important to provide both habitat and as many nectar-producing flowers in your garden as you can

04 Jul 19
Writing On Water

Anna’s hummingbird at the summer Agapanthus, my shadow on the path in the new morning light, puffs of white clouds appearing and dissolving, fleeting images flashing in the mirror of mind. Today is designated as a nationalist holiday, a tribal celebration of political independence, even though nothing is actually independent from anything else, nothing is […]

04 Jul 19
Delta Nats Casual Birding / Delta Naturalists Society

Thirty-one folk participated in some or all of our Wednesday morning outing to the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal, then the Tsawwassen First Nations (TFN) boardwalk, then at Reifel Bird Sanctuary on Westham Island.  We saw lots of species (55) including some rarities, and also enjoyed some pleasant “bondings” with regulars and newbies, including with our MP […]

01 Jul 19

June is the cruelest month…for birders in lowland Southern California, anyway. Most species are off breeding somewhere else, usually far the north. The local mountains are interesting and birdable as snow and ice are gone, temperatures are warm and the birds are singing and/or breeding. But at the lagoon we have the few breeding birds […]

30 Jun 19
Listening For Thunder

Sit with me awhile in our garden oasis, where sunshine is just now arriving on this side of the hill.Filtered through the honeysuckle climbing the fence at my back, its rays are scattering shadows across the plot. Aside from bird talk, the hour is silent; in my chair, warming coffee in hand, I am satisfied to listen. And […]

29 Jun 19

Originally posted on incidental naturalist:
A high voltage buzz crackled through the air as two diminutive fays sizzled on the wing, like demented dragons, just a few inches above my head. A shrill battle cry sounded from the whirl of wings, beaks and tiny claws. In a second it was over, and the victor returned…

26 Jun 19
San Lorenzo River Mysteries

  Dear Jane and All Friends of the Wild, One of the many delightful and unexpected pieces of birding advice I got  this last weekend was to ‘walk like a vegetarian’.  I haven’t tried it yet, but next time I see a bird that I really don’t want to scare away, I will bend down […]