Anne Cole

16 Jun 19
Specular Photo of San Antonio

Number 9 in the Series Amazon Prime Video is the go-to place for old Charlie Chan movies. This is one from 1946, starring English actor Sidney Toler as Chines detective Charlie Chan. It’s The Trap out of Monogram Pictures, which produced a bunch of these films from 1931 to 1953. The Charlie Chan character was […]

16 Jun 19

<——— Mexico 131.6 miles                Canada 2,520.4 ———> If we all had to pick theme songs/lyrics for ourselves at this point on the trail it would look like this: Adam- “Every silver lining has a touch of grey…” Grateful Dead Mindi- “Even if things get heavy we’ll all float […]

16 Jun 19

  Hearst Magazine Editor Joan Coles released her book earlier this year titled, Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World. In the book Coles elaborates on a set of rules , that can aid women in figuring out love in a digital age. Rules Include… Tip #1. ” Put the […]

15 Jun 19
Chris West Ancestry Blog

  I always enjoy giving concerts in Salisbury Cathedral. These days its 123m high spire is more famous than ever thanks to the publicity it received from two bungling Russian spies, but I also like playing there because it’s the final resting place of my 18xgreat grandparents Lord Walter Hungerford (d 1449) and his wife […]

15 Jun 19
Cole & Dixie’s foodie blog

This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right. You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click the […]

15 Jun 19

We have eyes, but we don’t see. We have ears, but we don’t hear. We can read, but we don’t understand what we read. It is on that premise that the literati at the University of Nairobi, led by Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Taban Lo Liyong, advocated for the complete overhaul of the curriculum at […]

15 Jun 19
Boulder Daily Camera
The following couples received their marriage licenses and certificates from Boulder County. The date is when they married. Boulder Amanda Paige Berry and Michael Philip Montgomery, May. 24 Christopher Dulany Phillips and Olivia Chu Gin Hsu, May. 4 Dylan Donald Andreja and Messenger Bouricius Marina Emily Charlotte, May. 4 Kiran Darwar and Kimberly Diane Fisel, May. 30 Martinez Noel Olguin and Zavala Brizza Botello, May. 10 Merrin Elizabeth Collins and Michael Vincent Mullins, May. 25 Molly Ann McCray and Ty Lance Taylor, May. 6 Shane Lester McGrotty and Rodriguez Angie Catherine Rodriguez, May. 31 Steven Cale Reeves and Michaela Loren Hinojos, May. 20 Summer Alyssa Wollin and Tristan Hastings Miller, May. 26 Broomfield Shaheedah A. Chase and Mark A. Owens Jr., May 18 Erie Gary Lennox and Catherine Sue Cole, May 12 Jon Patrick Barnaby and Paula Jean Lee, April 27 Lafayette Anton George Drexler and Renee Marie Rodriguez, May 17 Jeffrey Michael Collinsworth and Kathleen Elizabeth Lyon, April 28 Longmont Amanda Michelle Cullen and Ariel Kayser Ropek, May 18 Aracely Guadalupe Rocha Adams and Ramon Daniel Leal, May 5 Corey Mckay Gypin and Brianne Katie March, May 3 Emily A. Alicea and Peter J. Kaczmarski, May 18 Gutierrez Helmer Ernesto Alvarenga and Carbajal Blanca Ester Galdamez, May 4 Jocelyn Chantel Quinonez and Baylon Jorge Alejandro Vazquez, May 7 Justin Christopher Torkildsen and Ophir Bar, May 24 Kristin Brianna Dahlem and Nicholas Mark Terry, May 27 Lee Jason Lounello and Jessica Rae Marble, May 20 Marcos Antonio Lopez and Leasly Andrea Valle, May 14 Naomi Joy Hoover and Sean Holleran Taggart, May 25 Richard Jaquelyn Faith Gilliland and Bodey James Nopens, May 7 Ryan Wiley Pritchard and Christine Anne Bange, May 25 Shari Priscilla Vance and Benjamin David Hibberd, May 17 Varela Fausto Morales and ReNay Cathy Martinez, May 25 Louisville Henry Ennes Modrzejewski and Nashalla Ann Taylor, May 7 Matthew LLoyd Tang and Glen Ellyn Diaz, April 30 Lyons William Brenden Hale and Alexis M. Beaudet, May 29 Superior Donald Donohue Pangle and Tylia Sunshine Brewer, May 9 Natalia Lourdes Eguez and Anurodh Shrestha, May 20 Niwot Doreen Evelyn Gross and Shawn Renee Padilla, April 30 Elsewhere in Colo. Casey A. DeLio and Michael J. Grace, May 3, Berthoud Courtney Greenwood and Brian Riggs, May 11, Westminster Ian James Fisher and Courtney Elizabeth Strenke, May 18, Englewood Kathryn Luisa Walker and Taylor Alexander Pattison, May 6, Carbondale Out of State Adam Thomas Schwer and Taylor Ashton Corlett, May 17, Tampa, Florida Casey DeAnne Bailey and Jacob David Visnieski, May 11, Harrah, Oklahoma David Jason Orman and Tiffany Rose Mince, May 1, Alamo Heights, Texas Jacob Charles Converse and Samantha Emory Taitel, May 26, Minneapolis, Minnesota Jennifer Marquina and James Kyle Stegall, May 25, Little Elm, Texas Kyle Cerid Reed-Edwards and Elizabeth Randle Williams, May 26, New York, New York Lisa M. Armstrong and Nicolas Joseph Miltiades, April 26, Cincinnati, Ohio Michael Joseph Kavajecz and Michelle Lynn Kappell, May 15, Watertown, Wisconsin Nicholas James Barton II and Sarah Elizabeth Kratman, April 30, Houston, Texas Rachel Ann Hall and Carson Mitchell Gober, May 21, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Villanueva Gerardo Hernandez and Lizbeth Guzman, May 31, Palmdale, California *Other Paula Hall and David John Furneaux, May 13 The filings are broken down by location based on where the marriage certificate was mailed. * Includes couples who pick up marriage certificates in person   Source: Boulder County Clerk and Recorders Office
15 Jun 19
Wonderfully Wanderstruck

I’m having way too much fun with these blog titles if you couldn’t tell. 😉 As promised, I’m providing more of my honest thoughts about “Anne with an E,” but this time I’m focusing on what in the heck I find so wrong with this series: Darkness Visible- Honestly, this was something that got on […]

15 Jun 19
Website SEO Blog UK

BRISTOL – Bristol Central High School has released a list of graduates for its Class of 2019.

The following students received their diplomas Friday:

Ebony Aliyah Agustin

Jack Christopher Alling


Jayda AmilAlmodovar

William AlexanderAlmodovar


Gianna AwildaAnnelli

Taira Rose Armitage

Aysel Z. Aslan

Tahir Aslan


Sonya Baez Andujar

Krista Baral

Rafael Batista

Caleb Beaudoin

Kayla Marie Beaulieu

Kasey Beck

Jessica ChamberlandBeerbaum

Travis CambellBellemare

Alysandra M. Bello

Morgan Nicole Bielert

Jason Richard Blais

Joshua Blasi

Brianna H. Boder

Alondra YaniceBonet

Jordan Diana

15 Jun 19
Nouvelles Du Monde

Un scientifique, un pompier, un surfeur, les frères d'un célèbre danseur et un boxeur comptent parmi les premiers résidents de notre villa pour Love Island 2019 – accompagnés d'un influenceur des médias sociaux. La liste complète (et constamment changeante) des concurrents est ci-dessous – voici qui fait des siennes dans la villa de Majorque cet […]

15 Jun 19
Archy news nety

A scientist, a firefighter, a surfer and the brothers of a famous dancer and a boxer are our first set of villa residents for love island 2019 – with a social media influencer now joining them. The full (and constantly changing) line-up of contestants is below – here is who is cracking in the Majorcan […]

14 Jun 19
Archy Worldys

A scientist, a firefighter, a surfer, and the brothers of a famous dancer and boxer are among our first group of residences for Love Island 2019 – with a social media influencer joining them now. The complete (and constantly changing) list of participants can be seen below – here is who is on the rise […]