25 Jun 19
More Than A Dodo

by Danielle Czerkaszyn, Senior Archives and Library Assistant, and Kiah Conroy, placement student from Oxford Brookes University James Charles Dale (1791-1872) was a pioneering English naturalist who devoted most of his life to entomology. Dale’s specimen collection and archive represent a unique historical record of the insect fauna of Great Britain and everyday life in […]

25 Jun 19
Roberts Lab

Gene descriptions and enrichment With my finalized DML, I decided to describe the genes they are in. Steven suggested I start by making tables annotating the genes DML overlap with. Once I realized this would just involve some (hopefully) quick R manipulation, I created a grand plan: Figure 1. The grand plan. You’ll notice that […]

24 Jun 19

iPadOS public beta is here: we gave it a test drive. Sarah Tew/CNET The iPad has been, for years, Apple’s vision of the future of computers. But it’s ended up as a device in parallel evolution to the Mac. Apple’s finally promising some changes in the iPad’s software to make it work even better as […]

24 Jun 19 | “You heard it here first…if you haven’t already heard it elsewhere”… How Deep Learning Is Transforming Brain Mapping Thanks to deep learning, the tricky business of making brain atlases just got a lot easier. Brain maps are all the rage these days. From rainbow-colored dots that highlight neurons or gene expression across the […]

24 Jun 19
The Chestnut Post

The proven Bruker IVDr NMR solution, which is based on a fully automated and standardized 600 MHz NMR platform, is uniquely suitable for large-scale, quantitative metabolomics and translational phenomics studies. Its standardized and automated Bruker IVDr (B.I.) Methods 2.0 are now available on the AVANCE® III HD, as well as on the newest AVANCE® NEO […]

24 Jun 19

Presenting Project Concept and Tutor Feedback I feel that presenting my concept for Carpool Conspiracies went well. Everyone seemed to understand what the concept was, how long I wanted the video to be, how long I wanted to spend on each aspect and how long the overall project would take. Mathew Kearny seemed excited for […]

24 Jun 19
Down the Rabbit Hole: Teaching with Technology in the ELA Classroom

In Rodney H. Jones and Christopher Hafner’s text Understanding Digital Literacies A Practical Introduction, Jones and Hafner discuss the importance of acknowledging the affordances and constraints of the digital tools we employ in various contexts. Access and use of the internet and the subsequent digital tools (and vice versa, depending on the digital tools to […]

23 Jun 19
Mind The Gap

Today’s blog post is going to deviate from our usual template of daily work duties and touristy activities to something a bit more honest, maybe even incriminating, yikes! Totally kidding, however, today’s exercise will be an open letter to the future London interns about the culture shift that accompanies studying abroad. Before I get into […]

22 Jun 19
Melissa Blake ~ Education & Technology

My entire teaching career has been in 7-12 brick-and-mortar public school, although I have dabbled with blended/flipped instruction. As a student, I have experience with various versions of online learning. Some classes were completely self-taught, where I unlocked each module and never interacted with a teacher; my grades were simply posted to the LMS without […]

22 Jun 19
The Love of Hoyle 401

Products In diary of the wimpy child old school pdf Over The UK A great deal of software characteristics, including text-to- book search, dialog, file routing, display turn, stand of contents support, partial refresh controls, custom fonts, plus numerous ereading packages are fitted. Enables customers signal, to effortlessly deliver and save varieties and PDF files […]

22 Jun 19
The Bookish Mel

Good hello, everyone! This post is a LONGGGGG time coming and it’s all about how I tab and annotate my books. I have been working on a system that I think works out fairly well for me, and especially for when I have far too many thoughts for a book that I’m reading that just […]

22 Jun 19
The Journaling of Carrillo 487

Explaining Practical Techniques For journal of the wimpy child old school pdf A great deal of application characteristics, conversation, folder routing, monitor rotation, table of articles support, thesaurus search, partial refresh options, custom fonts, plus numerous ereading plans -to- including text are fitted. Allows people conserve and to simply ship, indication varieties and PDF papers […]

22 Jun 19
Liu Haoran Updates

Haoran gets his 8th cover of the year on the June 2019 issue of Esquire China, and a couple of cool things about this – he officially has had solo covers on all five of the major men’s magazines now! He is just the 12th male celeb across all ages to have accomplished this (he […]

22 Jun 19
The Woke Programmer

Our recent articles The Spring framework is for Nazis and How can I add more annotations to my life? were very controversial and members of the Spring community had trouble understanding the underlying criticism. As caring authors, we take full responsibility of this sender-receiver mismatch and like to clarify our point-of-view regarding code annotations and […]

22 Jun 19
Car Full of Carpenters

Today can be summarized in geographic segments: Boulder, Loveland Pass, Silverthorn, and Frisco. Or it can be summarized with the popular cliche’ of mountain towns: “It’s not the altitude, it’s the attitude.” As an Asheville girl and an eternal optimist, I agree with this, and yet… 5-12,000 feet does something to you. We had some […]