Annotating My Bookshelf

13 Jun 19
Little Light Blue Book

Here are my top tips to help you beat the notorious reading slump standing in the way of your next epic read.

21 May 19
Layla's Bookshelf

Annotating a book is when you write, tab, and jot down your thoughts about a book. Yes, you do write in the book, but for the right reasons. Most use annotating when they study a textbook, they would write directly into the book, and tab all the important information that they need to know. That […]

19 May 19
Bookish Luna

Hello everyone, I am here to share the books on the two bookshelves I own. This time around I am going to do them all in one post instead of once a week. Like last time I am going to share a picture and comment on it. The only difference is I will have dividers […]

17 May 19
Bookshelf No.2

Now that I’ve talked about it forever and never found the motivation for it, today I finally have the “After Passion” review for you guys

16 May 19
Ella's Book Corner

Hey everyone! How many times have you not known what to post? Sometimes, I find myself looking at other people’s blog trying to find inspiration. So, I’ve made a list of posts, some that I want to do, and others that I thought up while I wrote this post up! School, Work, and Books How […]

08 May 19
Northern Plunder

Browsing Bloggers Bookhselves | Tecsielity Jenny has been a great friend of mine for the past three years or so. You’re about to browse her bookshelves with me and you’ll see just how much of an influence I’ve had on her in this time too! I’m also thrilled to say this is the second post […]

08 Apr 19

I have a terrible habit of not finishing the books I’ve started and this shows! Tell me if you’ve had any similar experiences!

01 Apr 19
Milliebot Reads

Hey frands, welcome to April! (OMG, already!?) I have a little questionnaire/survey for you today and it’s totally not because I didn’t have a review ready to go up. It’s definitely just because I wanted to answer some questions about reading that I’ve probably answered before over the years. Yep!

12 Mar 19
Jess Media Blog

Week 1 – 4th March 2019 It is finally the Final Major Project has arrived, which is the last project I will doing at College. I was given the brief from Alice on what exactly I needed to do to complete this project and how we are supposed to present. With that she gave out […]

01 Mar 19
Modern Witch's Bookshelf

Yikes! What an awful reading month for me (sort of). I read two amazing books, but slumped and struggled with more than that. I celebrated a blog milestone! But neglected to promote it…needless to say it has been a rough month for me. Here is to hoping for a better March! Speaking of blog milestones; […]

24 Feb 19
Sian's Blogs

I love looking back through my old family photo albums, and as useful as it is to have everything backed up digitally, it’s also nice to have things in front of you to show.

19 Feb 19
Modern Witch's Bookshelf

How do you feel about tabbing and/or marking your physical books? I know for some people this may be fairly controversial. It could even be considered sacrilegious to mark a book in any way! However, I recently have been reading a lot of blog posts that are in favor of annotating in at least some […]

15 Feb 19
The Path of Iron

Every man should engage in the lifelong project of creating a ‘personal archive’. Just as a photograph captures the visual essence of a moment in time, personal documents capture informational snapshots of your ideas, beliefs, personality and nature. This library of documents will collectively preserve an impressionistic sketch of the man you are, preserved for […]

12 Feb 19
Geekish Books

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I’m starting something I hope to keep up with each week. I’m going to start doing something called Tag Tuesday, I’ve seen some booktubers do this but not sure who actually started it. All it consists of is doing a new tag each Tuesday. If you want to suggest some tags […]

03 Feb 19
A view from the Bookshelf

Since the launch of the new CILIP definition of Information Literacy at LILAC2018 I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the component parts of IL and what would form a curriculum of its study. Perhaps we don’t need such a curriculum… but I find the idea a useful vehicle into reflecting on my learning around […]