Anti Trump Mentality

14 Dec 18
Professor Ramos @ Chaffey

Going through high school here in the United States, our history classes eventually take us through the 20th century; a time in which our country was usually in conflict with foreign adversaries. The thing these past enemies had in common was that they were often led by nationalist strongmen who often consolidated their power in […]

14 Dec 18
Walid Shoebat

By Theodore Shoebat, Andrew Bieszad & Walid Shoebat  As the conspiracy for revolution drives on in France, agitators have taken to their computers to riddle the internet with their fantasies of putting Macron on the guillotine. Yellow Vesters have, reportedly, put up a mock guillotine and said that it is for Macron:   One Yellow […]

14 Dec 18
Ellis' Democracy Blog

The past year of global politics has not been an all together optimistic time for those of us paying attention to the news. Stories of the rise of the far right, possible election frauds, the murder of journalists and many more have left the citizens of the globe with a feeling of despair towards the […]

13 Dec 18
Shiraz Socialist (Second Run)

Yves Coleman on “the gilets jaunes seen from the workplace” Arguments Pour La Lutte Sociale on Macron’s speech Two comments by Lutte Ouvrière The slogans of the prominent gilets jaunes (by Raphaëlle Bacqué in the bourgeois daily Le Monde, 7/12/18) — The “gilets jaunes” seen from the workplace By Yves Coleman The beginning of the […]

13 Dec 18
Civic Engagement in American Politics

My fourth political activity was an online survey I took for another student here at Southwestern. I was actually searching for a political activity I had the ability to participate in that week, and conveniently, the campus wall housed my answer. The survey started simply enough, asking for name, student year, etc. The whole thing […]

12 Dec 18
Russia News Now

© Getty Images / Hulton Archive The blatant arrest of a Chinese telecoms executive in Canada on behalf of the US is shrouded in obscure legalistic claims. But the bottom line is clear; the US is abusing the legal process to pursue lawless economic interests. This hegemonic conduct by the US is undermining international law […]