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21 Jul 19
Тачскрины для мобильных телефонов

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20 Jul 19
Matt TV Awards 19

The Deuce Gbenga Akkinagbe, Sebastian Arcelus, Chris Bauer, Esteban Carmona, Gary Carr, Roberta Colindrez, Chris Coy, Katrina Cunningham, Kim Director, Aaron Dean Eisenberg, Dominique Fishback, James Franco, Michael Gandolfini, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Anwan Glover, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Don Harvey, Genevieve Hudson-Price, Luke Kirby, David Krumholtz, Margarita Levieva, Olivia Luccardi, Ralph Macchio, Emily Meade, Sepideh Moafi, Ed […]

16 Jul 19
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                                    GREAT LAWYERS IN HISTORY The Law differs from society to society, from age to age while creating the Law main purpose is common benefit and society. A reasonfor differentlegalsystemsto come outindifferentgeographiesis the challengingand variedconditionsthateverysocietyhasexperienced from different . Itshowsthe existenceofthe theoriesof lawyerswhoare guiding theworld law. MEANING AND DEFINITION OF LAW  For a given period in a country, the law is used for the rule of law in force as in Turkish […]

16 Jul 19
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Abstarct: To claim that science is only in the narrow sense of the law or the legal science of law, it is nothing more than trying to condemn the activity of legal thought to a single room. There are several sources of law. These are creative resources, formal resources and sources of information.. historical law […]

14 Jul 19
Фены и приборы для укладки

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13 Jul 19
Samerberger Nachrichten

Kräftigen Applaus gab es jetzt als Lohn für die perfekt umgesetzten Auftritte der Plattler- und Musikgruppen sowie der Goaßlschnoizer beim Gauheimatabend in Pang, der im Rahmen vom 99. Inngau-Trachtenfest und dem 88. Gründungsfest der „Kaltentaler“ stattfand. Die monatelangen Vorbereitungen und die stundenlangen Proben haben sich gelohnt, waren sich Festleiter Georg Kaffl und die weiteren Verantwortlichen […]

12 Jul 19
To Be A Pylgryme

Scholars, translators, antiquarians, and children’s authors were some of the many anglophone writers who decided to put pen to paper and recreate the Nibelungenlied in English over the course of the long nineteenth century. This variety isn’t just reflected in the content of the texts they produced, but in the material form of the books […]

10 Jul 19
The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat
In this write-up, we take a look at the rules and regulations of flying with batteries for your next filmmaking excursion. One of the most exciting aspects of being a filmmaker is discovering where your work takes you. However, these adventures often involve managing and travel with all the batteries you need to accomplish your work and power your equipment. However, by knowing and understanding the TSA regulations of flying with batteries, you can eliminate much, if not all, of that headache and confusion. The Two Types of Batteries Essentially, there are two types of batteries that a filmmaker will use: alkaline and lithium-ion. Alkaline batteries are your standard AA or AAA batteries. Usually, these batteries power your smaller accessories, like wireless microphones, boom mics, etc. Then, there are lithium-ion batteries. These are the bigger, block-style batteries that power your cameras. These batteries are much bigger and more cumbersome than alkaline batteries.  Limitations on Alkaline Image via mariva2017. The TSA doesn’t restrict how many alkaline (or “dry”) batteries you can travel with. You can either check alkaline batteries, or you can carry them on. So, if you need AA, AAA, C, or D batteries on your next shoot, you can travel with as many as you can carry. Limitations on Lithium There have been limitations for these batteries for some time; however, with the issue of exploding lithium batteries in phones over the last few years, the rules have become a little more strict. Knowing how to navigate these restrictions will make traveling with batteries much easier.  The general rule of thumb is to try to stick to under 100Wh for all of your larger lithium batteries. When you stay under this number, you can carry on as many lithium batteries as you need to power your camera and accessories.  From the TSA Lithium batteries with 100 watt hours or less may be carried in a device, in either carry-on or checked bags. Loose lithium batteries are prohibited in checked bags. However, if you wish to carry on batteries that are larger than 100Wh, you can. You’re just limited to two, and they can’t exceed 160Wh.  Lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours may be allowed in carry-on bags with airline approval, but are limited to two spare batteries per passenger. Loose lithium batteries are prohibited in checked bags. The Options Fortunately, battery and power manufactures — for cinema applications — are very aware of these TSA restrictions. As a result, they design and develop power and battery solutions that specifically address these limitations. For example, Anton Bauer has the Titan series of batteries, specifically created for these applications. They neatly fit within the TSA’s regulation amounts for both 100Wh and 160Wh limitations.  Image via Anton Bauer. By understanding the TSA rules and regulations of traveling with batteries, you can eliminate much of the unnecessary headache and confusion. As a result, you can focus on what you do best, creating content. Cover image via Janaka Dharmasena. Looking for more filmmaking tips and tricks? Production Tips: Getting Started with High-Output Lights on Set Building A Low Budget Handheld Rig For The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Follow Fill: The Simple Solution to Lighting a Difficult Scene 7 DIY Filmmaking Projects You Can Complete in a Weekend How Video Editors Can Increase Production Value Using Song Stems
05 Jul 19

Why the stars love Munich: Munich – the city of football, Oktoberfest, beer, film. And besides, “Minga”, as locals affectionately call the metropolis, is so wonderfully located: in summer, lakes are not far, in winter the ski areas around the corner and from the end of September to the beginning of October, the whole world […]

24 Jun 19
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No chance! Paris Hilton'S friend Kim Kardashian . t “She loves it,” the fashion designer, 38, told Us Weekly excitement of her pal's mom on Wednesday, June 19, at this event honoring her Glam App partnership. They're on vacation right now. I still feel like a kid myself. ” The reality star, 38, and her […]

17 Jun 19

    Be sure your student reads and listens to Today’s Daily Listening Assignment     • 1672 ~ Orazio Benevoli, Italian Composer, died at the age of 67 • 1725 ~ Joseph Anton Bauer, Composer • 1750 ~ Michel Woldemar, Composer • 1818 ~ Charles Gounod, French composer, conductor and organist Read quotes by and […]

12 Jun 19

MICHAEL GIELEN EDITION, Vol. 8 / SCHOENBERG: Pelleas und Melisande (2 vers).1 & 2 Chamber Symphony No. 1.1 A Survivor of Warsaw.1 Modern Psalm1 / Günter Reich, speaker / Verklärte Nacht.2 Accompaniment to a Cinematographic Scene.2 Gurre-Lieder 2 / Robert Dean Smith, ten (Waldemar); Melanie Diener, sop (Tove); Yvonne Naef, mezzo (Waldtaube); Gerhard Siegel, ten […]