Antonio Melani

06 Mar 19
Bella Atto by LaVae

* In excellent to like-new condition with an estimated original retail of $189!
* Makes the fave list with its ribbed design, gorgeous feel, marvelous construction & color contrast!
* Measures approx. 37” long with a 36” bust, 30” waist, 38” hips, & 19” sleeves.
* Crafted in polyester & spandex; dry clean only.
* My gifting ribbon is yellow since this item is pre-owned (see gift guide).
* This is one of our first listings here but I am a top seller on other platforms & would really appreciate your business!
* Returns are accepted within 14 days provided the item is returned in its original condition & in its original packaging.
* Buyer facilitates & pays for return shipping; refund is processed once the product is received in acceptable condition.

26 Feb 19
High Latitude Style

What I want in jeans I have a hard time finding pants that are high enough in the back to cover my musculous bum. You know – this Y-look when you sit down! It’s gross, not sexy at any age. Thus, when I was asked to review a pair of jeans by Kut from the […]

22 Feb 19
Themes on fashion

I always feel like I forget about accessories. Whenever I’m planning themes and outfits, I forget to add jewelry. It really adds depth and completeness to outfits. I was looking through some of my older posts and realize some of my outfits feel a little overly simple or not completely put together. This week was […]

14 Feb 19

No, I don’t think of myself as some fashion guru because I am not. Maybe if I had an unlimited supply of clothes, shoes, accessories, and purses, but I don’t. How amazing would it be though?! I’m fortunate enough to love fashion and work within the fashion world, just still a college student here, OK? […]

04 Feb 19

Valentines is coming so red is showing up everywhere like right here in Anna’s outfit. Isn’t she cute and those glasses? One of the many wonderful things about Memphis is we get to enjoy all four seasons in one week. Last Thursday the low was 20 degrees, and Sunday afternoon it was 76 degrees outside! […]

03 Feb 19
Brown-Eyed Blossom

Ok. I don’t know a lot about fashion, BUT I do know a damn good romper when I see one. I will rock a romper whenever I get a chance. I gravitate towards them for basically every special event, ever. So, there’s no surprise that I have been on the hunt for WHITE rompers and […]

29 Jan 19

  All fight cards and times subject to change.   WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30TH   [MUAY THAI]MAX Muay Thai: The Global FightThailand Main Card – YouTube / Facebook – 6:25am ET / 3:25am PT     THURSDAY, JANUARY 31ST   [MUAY THAI]MAX Muay Thai: The Global FightThailand Main Card – YouTube / Facebook – 6:25am ET / 3:25am PT     [MUAY THAI]Rajadamnern StadiumThailand […]

27 Jan 19
Themes on fashion

Four day week, four pairs of shoes I rarely wear. Most of them are new and are also opinionated. So it felt appropriate to make a week dedicated to the strength of the shoe. The outfits I chose this week are meant to highlight or complement the shoes. And while the focus isn’t necessarily solely […]

23 Jan 19

You’re buying the brand name not the shoes. Same exact shoes for so much cheaper

22 Jan 19
Draft Rugby Blog

Before you nail your New Zealand Super Rugby conference research with our blog. Why not check out our Podcast with Sumo Stevenson as we pick a part all five teams with plenty of detail! Soundcloud: Itunes: Stitcher: Blues Full squad: Props: Alex Hodgman, Ezekiel Lindenmuth, Sione Mafileo, Marcel Renata, Karl Tu’inukuafe, Ofa Tu’ungafasiHookers: Leni Apisai, Matt […]

19 Jan 19
Themes on fashion

Okay, everyone. It’s menswear week. This is part two of a two-part Esther Quek theme. I like menswear-inspired looks independently from her fashion choices, but girl was revolutionary in the modern take on menswear. Bright, primary color suiting, fitted in a feminine way. It’s such a beautiful balance of men’s and women’s stylings, that is […]

17 Jan 19
Dressed for My Day

I love my cashmere! But cashmere sweaters can be pricey, right? While I never pay full price for these soft, luxurious sweaters, I also don’t like the dry cleaning bills that come with caring for them. That’s why I learned to care for my sweaters without ever taking them to the cleaners. So today I’m […]