Antonio Melani

14 May 19
Lettey Set Go

First questions we get asked……. What?! Why’d you do it now? What about a big wedding? Simple answers really, lol we’re crazy and fly by the seat of our pants with every decision we make. You can ask our friends and family we’ve always been different in how we operate but we are always a […]

14 May 19
The Estella Initiative

Spring is in full swing and I’ve enjoyed shopping for new spring clothes. This year, stores are carrying dresses and tops I love to wear in colors I searched for years for. Since I love this year’s spring trends, I decided to share some of my favorite spring dresses for 2019. All the dresses in […]

05 May 19
Themes on fashion

Hello. This week is all about geometry. A geometric pattern is any geometric object repeated.  So basically, you could argue that all objects (which can be described using types of geometry), when repeated, could be considered a geometric pattern. However, I’m focusing specifically on Euclidean geometry; the standard bearer of geometry. This means anything with […]

04 May 19
Themes on fashion

This week will highlight some of the really amazing finds from thrift shops I’ve had. The stores are mostly in Nebraska and mostly still open. I’ll indicate them in each day’s descriptions. I really enjoy shopping at thrift stores. Whether it’s seeing vintage pieces or just unwanted ones from other people. It’s always fun to […]

17 Apr 19

Oh my goodnessgracious! Does life ever make you feel like you’re drowning but in a good way? That’s how I feel right now, just so many activities, commitments, planning, ordering, etc. Not to mention all the day-to-day things I’m not keeping up with, eep! We’re busily planning our next school year, so how to structure […]

10 Apr 19
Themes on fashion

Hello everyone. It’s Linda Rodin week. It’s also Krysten week. My friend Krysten visited for a cancer research conference (what up, AACR). She was very gracious and allowed me to look through all the clothing she brought and style her for the 4 days she attended. So in addition to my original theme, I will […]

04 Apr 19
A Classy Situation

Wearing: RACHEL Rachel Roy Cold Shoulder Dress | Style  & Co. Demi Exotic Clutch Purse  | Old Antonio Melani Gold Strappy Heel

24 Mar 19
Themes on fashion

Happy Sunday. This week contained the final day of winter, March 19th. To celebrate, I dedicated a theme to all things warm and comfy. It’s sweater week! Primarily my focus was to wear my favorite sweaters. Some of these are fairly oversized and schlumpy. That’s not a word, but I really feel like it describes […]

26 Feb 19
High Latitude Style

What I want in jeans I have a hard time finding pants that are high enough in the back to cover my musculous bum. You know – this Y-look when you sit down! It’s gross, not sexy at any age. Thus, when I was asked to review a pair of jeans by Kut from the […]

22 Feb 19
Themes on fashion

I always feel like I forget about accessories. Whenever I’m planning themes and outfits, I forget to add jewelry. It really adds depth and completeness to outfits. I was looking through some of my older posts and realize some of my outfits feel a little overly simple or not completely put together. This week was […]

14 Feb 19

No, I don’t think of myself as some fashion guru because I am not. Maybe if I had an unlimited supply of clothes, shoes, accessories, and purses, but I don’t. How amazing would it be though?! I’m fortunate enough to love fashion and work within the fashion world, just still a college student here, OK? […]

04 Feb 19

Valentines is coming so red is showing up everywhere like right here in Anna’s outfit. Isn’t she cute and those glasses? One of the many wonderful things about Memphis is we get to enjoy all four seasons in one week. Last Thursday the low was 20 degrees, and Sunday afternoon it was 76 degrees outside! […]

03 Feb 19
Brown-Eyed Blossom

Ok. I don’t know a lot about fashion, BUT I do know a damn good romper when I see one. I will rock a romper whenever I get a chance. I gravitate towards them for basically every special event, ever. So, there’s no surprise that I have been on the hunt for WHITE rompers and […]