Antonio Melani

07 Dec 18
A. N. Smith

When it sparkles, you shine! I LOVE this dress so much and have to shoutout Ruby’s for making me sparkle ✨ So how was my experience wearing head to toe sequins and jewels??

05 Dec 18
Silk & Honor

Merry Christmas from the Halls! With this being our baby boy’s first Christmas this year, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to take Christmas family pictures! My sister, Autumn, took our pictures while she stayed with us. In this photo shoot, I’m wearing THIS cotton dress from The J. Peterman Company. I’m really glad I discovered […]

03 Dec 18

Marcie So Eclectic shows 2 different pairs of Big Pants just who is boss!

24 Nov 18
Themes on fashion

Again, very short 3-day week. It was Thanksgiving and not a lot going on at work, so I only needed to go into the office Mon-Wed. Chose a really simple theme! Just wear green. Green is a color I don’t necessarily love, but I seem to own a lot of it, and I think I […]

20 Nov 18
High Latitude Style

The romantic Moon There is something special about the Moon. Just think about all those songs that have been written and sung. For instance, “Moon River”, or the title song “There is a red Moon rising…” of the movie Major League. The dogs hauling at the Moon. No kitsch love story where the couple is […]

19 Nov 18
The Thread

Finding high quality yet affordable, luxe esque pieces isn’t always easy, but they’re vital for achieving a chic, elegant look. Crystal adorned accessories, silky satin tops, dainty kitten heels, and pearlescent jewelry are just a few of the many options one can utilize. Read further to fall in love with the highest, low-end luxe pieces. […]

11 Nov 18
White Collar Glam

I get compliments on this suit every single time I wear it. Without fail. Funny enough, its a hand-me-down Antonio Melani suit that my mom gave me years ago. There isn’t just one secret to the sharp look of this suit. Instead, there are a number of reasons why it has lasted for years and […]

05 Nov 18

Hi Worldwide Web: My Lord is sending me a 4G phone. He left me silk, virgin wool, suede, leather Steve Madden, David Brooks, Antonio Melani, clothing. I am not sure if I was supposed to take the briefcase. The new gold shoes fit but I cannot wear heels like my younger days. All this stuff […]

21 Oct 18
Luxe Living For the Rest of Us

I sat here for about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to title this post and then simply just decided on shoes because when I see that word all my problems disappear for a moment. Years back, There were times I took so many pairs of shoes when I traveled that I would have […]

19 Oct 18

Retails at £160. Dark charcoal tuxedo blazer from popular label, Antonio Melani. Collared, with waist detail. Two hook closure. Check pattern. Fitted, tailored shape. Lined. New without tags; unworn. Shoulder – 80 cm Bust – 94 cm Waist – 82 cm Length – 62 cm Size – 6 US // 10 UK (PLEASE CHECK MEASUREMENTS) […]

14 Oct 18

Dress an outfit up or down with shoes. An outfit can look cute, athletic, sophisticated, fun or trendy depending on your shoes. Sneakers can make an outfit cute or athletic. Sandals can make you look laid back or casual. Heels help you look chic and powerful. As I have gotten older, I’ve found the balance […]

01 Oct 18
Baubles to Bubbles

I’ve always had a soft spot for dresses, and even though my dress collection is already large I can always make room for more if I find something I love. I was shopping at the Liberty Center Dillard’s recently and came across this simple yet adorable navy blue dress from Gianni Bini. It’s rare that […]

23 Sep 18
Rugby, Only Rugby !

  With Round 6 taking place this week in the Mitre 10 Cup, it meant that the regular season was close to the end. There will be just 3 Rounds remaining after that one and all the provinces wanted to pick up some points. The standings in both conferences were close. In the Championship, there […]

28 Aug 18
Dressed for My Day

Hello and welcome to Dressed for My Day. As the seasons change I begin to look for old favorites in new shades and textures. And one of my favorite dress styles is the sheath dress. I’ve fallen in love with this silhouette because literally every woman can wear a sheath dress. Doubt it? Well maybe […]