14 Jun 19
Life Coach San Diego 23

Each tooth of a Zipper is perfectly aligned and a “stepping stone” in order for the tab to reach the top! 🦸🏻‍♀️ So life really is like a Zipper only IF you continuously allow yourself to Surrender without Attachments in order to Reinvent, Recreate, and Evolve to the Next Level YOU! 🙌🏼 When it comes […]

07 Jun 19
The Herald Report

Since King Abdulaziz Al-Saud and the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt meeting in 1945 and reaching the Quincy agreement[1] – without the knowledge of the British – politicians believe that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its relationship with the United States of America follows the Realism theory. Realism theory is simply a set of […]

25 May 19
Archy Worldys

Note: This photo reportage was first published on 8 November 2018 in the stern and was awarded the Nannen Prize 2019 in the category "Reportage Photography". The culprits, Donald Trump says about the opioid crisis, are the addicts themselves. The young people should simply be taught that drugs are not good. He also calls for […]

22 May 19

Yes I know that May isn’t actually over yet but I have been thinking about the lessons Me Made May has taught me already so I thought I would take the time to share with you what I’d learned so far. Back in 2017 I wrote a blog post on the same theme and looking […]

20 May 19
The University of Chicago Law Review Online

Our recent article, War Manifestos, was the first work of legal scholarship to examine the documents that set out the legal reasons sovereigns provided for going to war from the late fifteenth century until the mid-twentieth century. The article described these “war manifestos” and explored their history and evolution over the course of five centuries. […]

12 May 19
Lauren Lately

Once you start looking into sustainable living it can seem a bit overwhelming but getting into some great books is always helpful for educating yourself, picking up some tips and figuring out what approach makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle. And it absolutely has to make sense for you otherwise it’s not […]

08 May 19
Scandalous Artefacts

Currently running in the School of Architecture and Design at the University of Brighton is this exhibition (poster above) of research which I instigated and organised, and then co-curated with Sam Lynch. Partly a celebration of the work of talented colleagues, partly a way of testing and framing some practice-based (but far from only practice-based) […]

30 Apr 19
Boola Made

I am sure many of you in the sewing world have heard of ‘Me-Made-May‘, which is a challenge that was set up by Zoe from the blog ‘So, Zo… what do you know?‘. This year it is the 10th Anniversary of Me-Made-May and for the first time I am going to get involved. The challenge […]