27 Mar 19

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26 Mar 19

Ibn Tufayl, a 12th-century Andalusian, fashioned the feral child in philosophy. His story Hayy ibn Yaqzan is the tale of a child raised by a doe on an unnamed Indian Ocean island. Hayy ibn Yaqzan (literally ‘Living Son of Awakeness’) reaches a state of perfect, ecstatic understanding of the world. A meditation on the possibilities (and pitfalls) of the quest for the good life, Hayy offers not one, but two ‘utopias’: a eutopia (εὖ ‘good’, τόπος ‘place’) of the mind in perfect isolation, and an ethical community under the rule of law. Each has a version of human happiness. Ibn Tufayl pits them against each other, but each unfolds ‘no where’ (οὐ ‘not’, τόπος ‘place’) in the world.

26 Mar 19
The Journey of McLaughlin 846

Se cancela Spannabis Madrid 2018, una de las ferias cannábicas más destacas del panorama nacional. Hay dos tipos de socios en las asociaciones de cannabis. Por esta regla de tres es legal la venta de productos con CBD mientras que no contengan un nivel de THC superior al 0.2%, si se rebasa este nivel, la […]

26 Mar 19

In four categories, God is shown to be the only true source of hope in this life on earth.

25 Mar 19
Mr. Greenwood's English Classes

BELLRINGER:  12th Lit BR CHECK Term 3 “A Painful Case” quiz (bonus) Stream of Consciousness practice “An Unwritten Novel” Imagining Minnie Marsh’s God looks like President Kruger (3) “Your crime was cheap; only the retribution solemn; for now the church door opens, the hard wooden pew receives her; on the brown tiles she kneels; every […]

25 Mar 19
Christina and Camera

WOW. This was SO fun, you guys! Here are the assumptions/my reactions!  note: I created a bonus episode on my podcast to go along with this (it’s basically an audio format of the post, except with some extra content) that I think you guys would love! check it out 🙂 https://anchor.fm/christina-snyder You are smart- thanks!  […]

25 Mar 19
El Eco

Hace cien años Benito Mussolini creaba las primeras milicias fascistas. Pero este aniversario ha pasado casi desapercibido en una Italia que quiere dejar atrás ese pasado, a pesar de haber llevado al poder a la extrema derecha. El 23 de marzo de 1919 en Milán, Mussolini, un exmilitante socialista desengañado, reunió a un centenar de […]

25 Mar 19
True Crime Rocket Science / #tcrs

In September 2017, following the ten year anniversary of Madeleine McCann’s disappeatance, Australia’s Sunrise show interviewed American criminal profiler Pat Brown. At about 4:44 in the segment, the female reporter notes: “Well, uh…your views on this [Madeleine McCann]…uh…have been…almost…silenced. You haven’t been on American TV for seven years [Brown nods on the split screen]. The […]

24 Mar 19
Amanda Markel

I once again had good intentions of sharing this list closer to the start of our school year, but as always, time kind of got away from me…can I still blame the broken ankle I had last fall? Anyway, here is what we’ve been working on this school year, in grades ten (Turkey and Bunny), […]

24 Mar 19
Thought and Reflection

I wish an apology was enough to heal wounds. I wish that more could be accomplished by wishes. Wishing seems to be the act of children and of the desperate. When you have gone beyond all possibility of hope, I suppose you become desperate. But then again, maybe not? Desperation is an eventuality that may […]