15 Dec 18
From BI to Data Science

This week I did the 5 day TDWI Data Science Bootcamp in Berlin. I’m going to give a short review about what I learned. First let me say, these 5 days have been like expected and the 3 instructors really know what they spoke about. From time to time I hoped for more reality check. […]

15 Dec 18
Acquilla's World

How do we know of things we have not experienced? Apriori is all things before experience. I find this philosophy term fascinating because most in society cannot fathom a thought past what they’ve encountered. All things past experience is called A Posteriori or another word may be empiricism. I loved playing with Apriori concepts because […]

14 Dec 18


uncleauntiefeli: theclockistickingwrite: tea-and-liminality: axmxz: nirvana-war-queen: axmxz: axmxz: The reason why NBC’s Hannibal found such a huge female audience is because Fuller’s/Mads’ Lecter is not a male power fantasy: he’s a female power fantasy. He’s not a broody snippy git whose appeal is assumed apriori and who in real life would drive away absolutely everyone he […]

13 Dec 18
From an Upper Floor

The Twig Already Is Bent. . . Before We Are Born. . . Before.  Apriori.  I love that word but I don’t see it often.  It encapsulates meanings long held on whatever subject.   I use it to mean lives lived before now; some of us with long histories and others freshly minted.   Those who think […]

11 Dec 18
Chiyoda-ku America

Respectively: Kiwarahei Kesete & Eun Kesete, Ki (me) Again, Kuvera Tang, Eun Again.  Ask for full concept pieces. Josei Kuvira Backstory Optimus Prime and the Megatron known as Ratchet waged war for four million years to determine the fate of living things and the right of Decepticons to exist respectively.  Convinced of the potential of […]

11 Dec 18

Un tracker GPS, génial ! Je vais pouvoir enfin suivre ma femme à l’insu de son plein gré, hé hé ! Le tracker GPS d’Invoxia m’a l’air plutôt discret et compact, hum… je pourrai ainsi le glisser subrepticement dans son sac à main, ni vu ni connu ! Bref, je compte tout de même sur vous pour ne […]

11 Dec 18
G.K. Chesterton Books

G.K. Chesterton And the Return to Common Sense GILBERT Keith Chesterton, otherwise known as G. K. Chesterton, was a towering figure in the first half of the twentieth century. He was a journalist,  a theologian, a philosopher, a poet, a novelist, among many other things. What does he have to say about the need to […]

11 Dec 18

PENGERTIAN SALAH NALAR Gagasan, pikiran, kepercayaan, simpulan yang salah, keliru, atau cacat. Dalam ucapan atau tulisan kerap kali kita dapati pernyataan yang mengandung kesalahan. Ada kesalahan yang terjadi secara tak sadar karena kelelahan atau kondisi mental yang kurang menyenangkan, seperti salah ucap atau salah tulis misalnya. Ada pula kesalahan yang terjadi karena ketidaktahuan, disamping kesalahan […]

11 Dec 18

Charlie Dean Digital Technology and Human Connection Since the term, digital humanities, does not have a one clear answer, it is easy to have a negative idea toward this, and for good reason. It is a term reminiscent of the Matrix or another dystopian work that gives rise to more existential questioning of ideas such […]

10 Dec 18
Valid Inference

Motivating the idea of bayesian approach to parameter estimation and problem solving.

09 Dec 18

Moral Motivation – An illusion TEXT: MORTEN EIKELAND Published: Dec. 5th. 2018. http://www.psykologisk.no Are you moral? Almost everyone answers yes to this question, and most people think they are more moral than others are. Can we trust your answer? No. Moral motivation is to have a goal of maintaining a moral standard as an end […]

08 Dec 18
Mrslh RE teaching

In my training, I remember being criticised for asking ‘closed’ questions. The assumption was that open questions require much more analysis and evaluation and would get me higher up Bloom’s Taxonomy and therefore, I would be pushing my students harder and they would learn better. Yet, I’m learning that this isn’t necessarily the case and […]

08 Dec 18

Ajang Muhammad Abdul Jalil Realita saat ini, agama dijadikan komoditas para elit politik, masyarakat bahkan agamawan. Kualitas ajarannya, belum sampai menyentuh objek terpenting dalam aspek kehidupan. Point penting dalam agama adalah bagaimana membebaskan manusia dari berbagai kesulitan dan kesempitan. Tapi nyatanya dijadikan simponi hidup dan dalih pengekangan terhadap kreativitas dan aktualitas. Kontribusi manusia terkekang oleh […]

06 Dec 18
The Scrutinizer Network

What is the headline saying? Link to article: Prenatal Fluoride Exposure Linked to ADHD in Kids What are the implications of the headline? Countries and geographical areas that use fluoride are putting fetuses and, consequently, kids at risk for ADHD Fuels the debate about whether or not fluoride should be removed from the drinking water […]