11 Dec 18

Hi guys and welcome back to my Blog. Today I am going to review the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night machine. This product was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced.   When Penny was born in March this year I had heard so many […]

09 Dec 18

We all love a bargain don’t we!  And never has a bargain been more useful than when you have a baby sucking your wallet dry!  To be honest babies don’t necessarily cost as much as people sometimes make out, but they’re also not cheap, so getting help and discounts where we can is always a […]

09 Dec 18
My Learning Journal

PLAN   How are gender roles exploited through the media? Gender stereotypes in the media Gender stereotypes within advertising   Due to the forceful influence of media and advertisement, gender roles and stereotypes have been heavily depicted and exploited due to the global audience that views these sources. Gender stereotypes occur through influences without us […]

05 Dec 18

We are by no means a plastic free household, in fact I’m ashamed to say that Rochford’s favourite “toy” for about 6 months was a plastic Aptamil bottle! I’m not one to usually jump on a # trend, but in this instance the #plastic free is something I can get on board with even if […]

02 Dec 18
thirty seven plus six & more

Rob and I had a moment last month when we both stood side by side in silent reflection as we packed away our dear old friend ‘The Perfect Prep’ machine who will now live in a cardboard box under the stairs until such a time as Rob and I are deemed crazy enough to go […]

20 Nov 18

Stereotyping has existed in advertising as long as advertising itself has existed. Groups of people are made into caricatures — simplified and easily digestible to the audience/market a product advertises to. These groups have carried these stereotypes with them outside of advertising, affecting their life experience. This is especially the case with marginalized groups like […]

15 Nov 18

We’ve been busy getting prepared for Disneyland Paris, only 3 sleeps to go. Bella is so excited, she keeps randomly screaming and then shouts “I’m excited for Disney”, she’ll probably have a fit when we arrive! I’m having a bit of a nightmare packing. Why do babies and kids need so much stuff?! I had […]

14 Nov 18
Welsh Doctor Mummy Blog

It can be so overwhelming (and expensive) preparing for the arrival of a new baby. I am very much the type of person who likes to have a plan, make lists and tick things off. So I have complied quite an extensive list of what I feel are the essential buys for a baby. Some […]