Aqua Medic

16 Feb 19
TreAdventure Trail

Okay, I’m leaving in mid February, the late winter months. A lot of friends have said things like “Well since you’ll be starting in Georgia down in the South it shouldn’t be to cold, or as cold relatively speaking.” This would be true in that it will not be as cold generally as the Northern […]

11 Feb 19

Global Aquarium Lighting Equipment Market report is filled with detailed analysis from thorough research. Especially Aquarium Lighting Equipment market size, futuristic developments, operation situation, development environment, pathways and Aquarium Lighting Equipment trends. All these are the outgrowth of understanding the present scenario that the Aquarium Lighting Equipment industry is in 2019. The Aquarium Lighting Equipment […]

31 Jan 19
Amber Barson-Greally Eventing

As the cold weather hits, schools freeze over and the roads are too slippery for hacking, fitness can come to a halt for a lot of riders.  So I like to use this time wisely and go through the New Rule Book and my eventing checklist.  If you weren’t quite on target with cleaning everything […]

14 Jan 19
Archy news nety

Commoció a Polònia per l'apunyalament a l'alcalde de la localitat de Gdansk, una ciutat the 500,000 habitants del nord del país. Pawel Adamowicz ha sigut apunyalat aqua diumenge a la nit mentre presidia un acte benefic destinat a recollir dinners per as hospitals. L'aggressor, home de 27 anys, l'ha atacat mentre Adamowicz era dalt de […]

06 Jan 19
WH40K: Malleus Maleficarum

DRAMATIS PERSONAE Principia VI Legio – Headquarters Sixth Legion Legatus Nigidius Figulus, Legion Commander Tribunus Laticlavus Jodocus Hondius, Second in Command Praefectus Castrorum Aulus Metellus, Senior Centurion Sixth Contubernium / Sixth Centuria / Sixth Cohort – 6th File / 6th Century / 6th Cohort Optio Domitius Bellerophon, File Leader Signifer Titus Valerian, Second in Command […]

28 Dec 18
The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired

Iggy Azalea wasn’t going to let a medical emergency stop her flow. While performing in Brazil, one of her backup dancers collapse—but the Australian rapper kept performing, starting another verse. 

10 Dec 18
My diary

abandoned dog in Humenné. Sunday, 02 December 2018. Amersfoort. The day started with a ‘fire alarm’ at 07:45. The church is well occupied. Like stars are telling us that no night is too dark, a child which is the light for the world, will come to save us. After the service, I went straight to […]

07 Dec 18

  Ugovori za 2018. godinu, do 7.12.2018., složeni po abecedi i ispod složeni po iznosima pa je lako pronaći sve tvrtke po imenima, od Cestara preko Pointa do Gradatina koji su uvijek zanimljivi, ili recimo dodatne radove na zgradi u Kopilici, ili poštanske usluge koje su ogromne. Do sada je realizirano samo 47 milijuna od […]

05 Dec 18

Kalanggaman Island is  shaped like a bird, reason why its name is derived from the local word “langgam”  that means bird. This sandbar off the coast of Palompon, Leyte has gained popularity in recent years, but it has long been a local secret.  Kalanggaman is hemmed in by palm-studded, cream sand and lapped by swirling, […]

02 Dec 18
Pengoing South

I’ve talked before about the unusual opportunities that living on a remote island throws up and how we’ve been unable to predict just what we’ll end up doing here from one week to the next. As we move into December and the madness of the Falklands summer, it’s interesting to look back on November and […]

01 Dec 18

sometimes i feel i’ve got to * * run away i’ve got to ** ~Tainted Love