16 Dec 18
my panaroma

This is a completely adequate setup for a two-hour Hitchcock plot. It never for a moment feels like material manufactured to mislead us. And as Marion flees Phoenix on her way to Sam’s home town of Fairvale, Calif., we get another favorite Hitchcock trademark, paranoia about the police. A highway patrolman (Mort Mills) wakes her […]

16 Dec 18
Above the Market

When I was a ninth-grader, my high school showed Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror film, Psycho, in the school auditorium on a snowy Friday night. I desperately wanted to be and look cool, but when Martin Balsam’s Detective Arbogast climbed the stairs in the old house behind Bates Motel to meet Mother, I dove under my […]

14 Dec 18
Hold My Drink

Welcome back to Who to Watch!  Just last night we witnessed a GREAT football game between the Chargers and Chiefs, as Los Angles came back to win 29-28.  Dwyane Wade and LeBron James faced off for the final time, the Celtics winning streak continued, and the Raptors DESTROYED Golden State… WITHOUT KAWHI.  In the NFL, […]

14 Dec 18
MCSC Athletics

The Junior Lady Indians swept the Apaches last night in both contests.

13 Dec 18

What happens in Vegas … well, so much for that. For the past three days, the winter meetings raged in Las Vegas, and as always, rumors were rampant. The Phillies, as expected, were in the middle of everything. They signed veteran outfielder Andrew McCutchen to a three-year, […]

12 Dec 18
MCSC Athletics

Mississinewa lost on the mat to the visiting Alexandria Tigers 40-39 in a CIC bout.

11 Dec 18

ROCK SPRINGS — You’re only 125 years old once.  Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County is still celebrating the milestone it reached on Dec. 2. On that day in 1893, dedication ceremonies were held with the Masons of Rock Springs Lodge No. 12 placing the cornerstone. It was completed and opened within a year at the […]

10 Dec 18
Heroes Cup Hockey Tournament

Entering today’s game against Finland, the U.S. men’s hockey team is 1 victory right out the playing for that gold medallion. Two weeks ago many experts questioned your house U.S. team would be able to compete the actual likes of Canada, Russia or Sweden, all powerhouses in very own rights. However, after the U.S. swept […]

09 Dec 18
SPACE RATS From Outer Space

directed by alfred hitchcock shamley productions I’m sure it’s been noted before, but the attention to detail in this movie astounded me, such as the scene wherein Arbogast is looking for clues to Marion’s disappearance in the Bates Motel’s office parlor – where Norman is displaying his stuffed birds – and the bookshelf behind him […]

08 Dec 18
CBS Chicago

A Gary, Indiana, man has been charged with several felonies, after allegedly breaking a Griffith police officer’s nose during an arrest early Thursday morning.

06 Dec 18

+Matthew 9:27-31 ‘Take care that no-one learns about this’ As Jesus went on his way two blind men followed him shouting, ‘Take pity on us, Son of David.’ And when Jesus reached the house the blind men came up with him and he said to them, ‘Do you believe I can do this?’ They said, […]

05 Dec 18
Freedom Market

The 10th anniversary Fort Collins Freedom Market is almost here, and we have a great lineup of vendors for you this year.   Here’s who will be at the Bean Cycle this Saturday: 1. TeDi Jansen | Small Acre Farm | Goat Milk Soap & Fiber 2. Melina Bernhardt | MelinaBeCreations | Fiber Art, Accessories […]

03 Dec 18
Cecilia Moore

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in downtown Roanoke, as city crews cut down the official tree in Salem on Monday morning and transported it to its new home near the Market Building. The 32-foot-tall white spruce had been a fixture in Mike Fisher’s yard for 30 years. “It was probably 2 feet […]